Thursday, May 22, 2014

Small Notoriously Morbid Haul (blush, eyeshadow, and lip gloss!) - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!  Since I now own about everything from Notoriously Morbid, this most recent haul is relatively small.  The loose blushes were being discontinued to make way for newer blush colors and were put up for sale for $5 each.  I was only missing two from the collection, so I added them to my cart along with another sample of Crimson Horror to turn into a lip gloss.  However, I realized that I had a sample of Annie's Agony blush already, so I emailed Carrie and asked if I could switch that blush out for four eyeshadow samples instead.  She responded almost immediately and said of course (I ended up picking Dita, Carly, He's Going Through Changes, and Shoes to Kill For).

Now I had a $15 gift voucher for the store, so I used that to pay instead of PayPal and was not notified when my package was shipped.  Carrie realized this, messaged me on Facebook, and sent my tracking number there.  I didn't even know that happened and would have just waited until being surprised with a package at my door!  It was totally my fault for not remembering that I get my tracking through PayPal, but I was so astounded by how attentive Carrie was.  I hadn't even asked her for any information and she felt like letting me know just in case.  It was really amazing; you can tell she really cares for each and every customer :)

I love the new sticker that seals the packages!

An extra note saying how NM appreciates feedback, especially if there was a problem with the order.  I assume this is because of the issue with the liners where some people were hesitant to bring up the issue because they love NM so much.  It's great how much NM values customer satisfaction and opinions.

Another thing also happened before I made this order.  Carrie's pet dog, Tosh, had passed away and she decided to create a color to commemorate her.  This color, Tea Tosh, was included with every purchase during May in a mini-jar, which was extremely generous.  There was also another surprise included in some orders.  Samples of a lip gloss were included before their release and I happened to be one of the lucky ones to receive it :)

I had asked Carrie if she could give me a sample of Tea Tosh to press (in addition to the free mini-jar).  She's so generous!

My samples (not swatched because they have been swatched in previous posts)

Mary Jane's Demise blush
Mary Jane's Demise:  pinky red with a pink sheen.  This blends beautifully!  However, my brush picks up her blushes unevenly because of the loose texture.  I'm strongly considering pressing them to get an even distribution on my brush.  This color is very pretty though, and gives me a nice rosy blush to the face.

Tea Tosh
Tea Tosh:  shimmery champagne with a slight copper-red sheen and silver shimmer.  This was the free GWP inspired by her dear dog.  It goes on sheer, but can be layered beautifully for a soft look.

Relax...It's Just Magic
Relax...It's Just Magic:  blood red gloss.  You guys, when this was first shown on the Customer's Crypt page, I squealed out of excitement.  I absolutely love blood red colors, especially on the lips.  It's perfect, no hint of burgundy that's usually in dark red lip products.  As far as texture, it is pigmented, smooth, and not sticky.  I'm so, so glad it was included in my order, thank you Carrie!!!  If/When this color comes out in a full-size, I can definitely see myself getting it (and I'm pretty stingy with full-size stuff...)

Swatches are taken in daylight over bare skin (click to enlarge)

Daylight:  Mary Jane's Demise (heavy), Mary Jane's Demise (blended), Tea Tosh, Relax...It's Just Magic
Flash:  Mary Jane's Demise (heavy), Mary Jane's Demise (blended), Tea Tosh, Relax...It's Just Magic
Daylight:  Tea Tosh at an angle to show the slight copper sheen
Look at that beautiful swatch of the gloss!  It's just ONE swipe - super pigmented right?  And I swear the copper sheen is there in Tea Tosh; it might help to enlarge the picture.  This month seems to be a series of ups and downs for NM, but they bounce back with such fervor and intensity.  I'm always in love and awe of everything NM produces, so I really can't wait for the upcoming release of their Superstitio collection.  That gloss...

- Jolie ♥

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