Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ipsy May 2014 - Beauty's Fresh Picks

I received Ipsy's May 2014 bag a week or two ago and it only took me this long to review this because I wasn't excited about it.  Bad excuse, but come on, would you want to write about something you're not too passionate about?  The theme of this bag was "Beauty's Fresh Picks" and it was mostly skincare which I am never fond of.  I don't like receiving skincare items because I don't like putting new things on my face; it may lead to breakouts and just plain unpleasant reactions.

At least the bag was cute and made out of some kind of cloth.
Thermal Spring Water
Avene Thermal Spring Water:  So I was utterly confused when I saw this in the bag.  All the instructions are in French, so I didn't know what this was for and how to use it.  After perusing my Glam Room, it seems like you can use this as a face refresher or makeup setting spray.  However, as many people pointed out, this is water in a can.  I would not pay for water in a can.

Hair Mask
EVA NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask:  This might be the only thing I'm excited about from this bag.  I do like putting things in my hair and I haven't been treating it very well, so I owe it some TLC.

Jersey Shore Sun Sunscreen:  Nothing too special about this, but I have tried it out.  It's one of those sunscreens that makes you ghostly white.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize this when I applied it to my face and ended up looking like death.  I much prefer spray sunscreens, but I guess this does the job.

Endless Euphoria
Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria:  It's a roll-on perfume and I like it.  It smells exactly like those perfume samples you get in magazines.  I could never pinpoint the scent but they all smell the same and I like it.  It's a bit strong, so I would apply this lightly.  It's a great size though and could probably last me a good while.

Pacifica Eye Shadow
Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo:  I knew I wasn't going to be impressed with this right off the bat.  The texture looks chalky in the packaging and I was proven right when I swatched it.  Half of it is a sheer light purple with a slight pink sheen and the other half is a glittery white gold with lots of fallout.  Both shades took multiple layers to even show up for swatch pictures.

Daylight (in shade)

Yeah, this bag did not impress me at all.  This might be one of the first bags I've received that made me feel like it wasn't even worth the ten dollars I paid for it.  The eyeshadow was really crappy and they sent me water in a can.  I really hope next month's bag is better and not more skincare stuff.

- Jolie ♥

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