Sunday, June 15, 2014

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy - June 2014 Subscription

It's that wonderful time of the month again; time for another round of Innocent + Twisted Alchemy's subscription box!  Now this box is a little fuller than the others because Linda resent last month's blushes in this box.  Apparently, a horrible chemical reaction happened with the pans and the glue in last month's box which rusted the pans.  This month, she included loose versions of those blushes and gave an additional mini-jar of a new blush.

How cute is this bag?
Pictures are taken under daylight bulb and swatches are done over ELF $1 Primer

Twinkle Squinkles
Twinkle Squinkles:  pink with purple and gold sparkles.  What a cute name!  It makes me think of a pig for some reason ^^

Alkali:  teal with gold sparkles


Sparkling Wail
Sparkling Wail:  black with beautiful purple sparkles and gold shimmer.  My camera couldn't quite pick up the purple sparkles, but it's really stunning in real life.  I always gasp when I open this clamshell and I've used this as my outer v color at least twice already.

Vacant Smile
Vacant Smile (blush):  orchid with gold sheen

Whispering Spells
Whispering Spells (blush):  coral with violet shimmer

Psychotic Embers
Psychotic Embers (blush):  coral orange with gold sparkles.  This was the extra blush we received and it really reminds me of embers.  Good job, Linda!

Daylight:  Twinkle Squinkles, Alkali, Sparkling Wail, Vacant Smile, Whispering Spells, Psychotic Embers
Flash:  Twinkle Squinkles, Alkali, Sparkling Wail, Vacant Smile, Whispering Spells, Psychotic Embers
Other Samples

Malva (blush):  orchid with gold shimmer.  This was a blush sample from Hello Waffle Cosmetics.  It's very nice and soft.

Alexandria:  matte burnt orange with purple sparkles.  This was a sample from Eccentric Cosmetics - I'm not sure how I'll wear an orange eyeshadow, but the purple sparkles certainly make it unique.

Exsanguinate:  pigmented berry red with golden shimmer.  This is a sample from My Pretty Zombie.  Now I wasn't sure if this was a  blush or eyeshadow given the color, but I'm fairly certain that it's an eyeshadow.  This color kicks ass!  It's a beautiful red and really packs a punch.

Platinum:  pigmented metallic silver.  This was a mini jar from BFTE Cosmetics.  As you can see, it leaked out quite a bunch and Linda apologized for it.  She even taped the edges before shipping.  It's an intense silver, but I have so many silvers that it's a bit hard to get excited about it.

Playful:  matte periwinkle.  This was a second sample from BFTE Cosmetics.  The matte formula is great but I don't think I'll be wearing periwinkle all too often.

Daylight:  Malva, Alexandria, Exsanguinate, Platinum, Playful
Flash:  Malva, Alexandria, Exsanguinate, Platinum, Playful

I really liked everything I got from I+T this month.  Their blushes were absolutely beautiful and the texture is so soft and silky.  I'm just worried about picking up too much product since they are loose powders.  The shadows I got from other companies were a bit random, in my opinion.  The pigmentation from all of them were fantastic and I'm just super impressed with Exsanguinate (I mean, look at that color!).  It just makes me wonder how I will use them, but I guess it means I won't be stuck in a makeup rut for awhile.

- Jolie ♥

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