Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello Waffle Cosmetics Haul - Swatches and Review

I have a pretty big review on Hello Waffle Cosmetics for you today :)  This isn't my first time ordering from this company; I'd ordered when they first opened and they only had tinted lip balms in their store.  The store owner, Christine, is a wonderful person and I had a great time ordering.  Since then, HW has released blushes and eyeshadows, both of which have been extremely well received in the indie community.  When she announced the release of a collection inspired by musicians, I knew it was time to try the eyeshadows.  There was also a free shipping deal going on and it really helps since the company is based in Canada so shipping can get a bit pricey.

I ended up ordering the Blogger Pack which was $25 (now $30 - price raised to include blushes) and includes one full-size lip balm, two sample size lip balms, two full-size eyeshadows, and ten sample sized eyeshadows.  When I made my order, she was also having a free gift with purchase (GWP) if you spent over a certain amount.  I actually forgot to let her know which GWP I wanted so I emailed her and told her my choice.  I also asked if it was possible to include samples of Rose Champagne or Whale Hello There (CotMs) as my free samples.  She emailed back, said no problem and that she'd include both!  

She taped the bubble mailer with this adorable penguin tape!

How sweet is this note?!  I was so happy that she actually remembered me :)  I opened my package to realize that she's touched me with her extreme generosity yet again.  Instead of giving me samples of Rose Champagne or Whale Hello There, she actually gave me FULL-SIZE jars of both!  And she included extra free samples on top of that!  I was absolutely floored and so appreciative of that as they are both beautiful colors.
Pictures are taken under daylight bulb; swatches are done over ELF $1 primer (click to enlarge)

Ethereal Voice
Ethereal Voice swatch
Ethereal Voice:  plum with gold sparkles

Fey swatch
Fey:  peachy pink with gold sheen.  This is one of her best selling colors and it's easy to see why!  It's really beautiful and versatile.

Rose Champagne
Rose Champagne swatch
Rose Champagne:  rose champagne with silver sparkles.  This is in the same family as rose gold, just lighter.  It's a very beautiful color and I'm glad I have a full size.

Whale Hello There
Whale Hello There swatch
Whale Hello There:  shimmery lavender with silver sparkles

Rainforest swatch
Rainforest:  beautiful shimmery forest green.  This was my GWP and it's absolutely gorgeous!

Daylight:  Ethereal Voice, Fey, Rose Champagne, Whale Hello There, Rainforest
Flash:  Ethereal Voice, Fey, Rose Champagne, Whale Hello There, Rainforest

Pachelbel swatch
Pachelbel:  shimmery white gold with white sparkles.  I chose this as one of my full sizes because I love Pachelbel's Canon in D.  I didn't know how often I would use a white shadow, but I didn't really mind.  As soon as I wore this shadow, I knew this would see a lot of uses.  It's extremely pigmented, something I'm not used to from light colors, and it makes the most beautiful inner corner highlight.  I'm so happy I chose this as my full-size because it's simply amazing.

Mendelssohn swatch
Mendelssohn:  shimmery light pink with gold sheen.  This was my second choice for a full-size shade.  I chose this because the swatch on the site looked very rose-gold and I just can't resist rose golds.  This turned out a bit more pink than I expected, but it's still gorgeous.

Tchaikovsky swatch
Tchaikovsky:  light gold with white sparkles

Bartok swatch
Bartok:  shimmery copper gold

Bach swatch
Bach:  brown with red sheen.  I really like this color.

Rachmaninoff swatch
Rachmaninoff:  pigmented matte dark brown

Mozart swatch
Mozart:  shimmery taupe

Daylight:  Pachelbel, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Bartok, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Mozart
Flash:  Pachelbel, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Bartok, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Mozart

Schubert swatch
Schubert:  shimmery dark taupe with multicolored shimmer

Einaudi swatch
Einaudi:  charcoal with LOADS of silver sparkle

Debussy swatch
Debussy:  shimmery yellow-green

Chopin swatch
Chopin:  beautiful purple with blue sheen.  This color is stunning.  I would have chosen this as the full-size if I knew I would use it more.

Vivaldi swatch
Vivaldi:  berry red with tons of silver sparkle.  Vivaldi is my other favorite composer alongside Pachelbel.  I would have chosen this as the full-size for that fact only, but I figured I wouldn't use a berry red shade all that much :(

Daylight:  Schubert, Einaudi, Debussy, Chopin, Vivaldi
Flash:  Schubert, Einaudi, Debussy, Chopin, Vivaldi

Lip Balms

Ginger Kitties
Ginger Kitties
Ginger Kitties:  opaque nude pink.  The site says it is a "burnt orange" and it looks nude-brown in the clamshell, but once melted by body heat, it turns pink.  It was very interesting.

Polyp:  moderate opacity warm pink.  The texture was thinner than Ginger Kitties but can definitely be built up.  I felt a tiny bit of graininess, but it disappears upon application.

Roses of the Vale
Roses of the Vale
Roses of the Vale:  opaque dark raspberry.  This looks true red in the product picture but it is a lot cooler toned in real life.  It has a very thin texture that can result in patchy application, but it spreads very well and can be built up.

Daylight:  Ginger Kitties, Polyp, Roses of the Vale
Flash:  Ginger Kitties, Polyp, Roses of the Vale

Bonus EOTD

Pachelbel (inner corner and browbone highlight), Mendelssohn (lid), Rachmaninoff (outer v)
Pachelbel, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff on eyes & Polyp on lips

I am extremely impressed with Hello Waffle's eyeshadows.  I'm so glad I chose the Musicians Collection to dip my toes in.  The standout shade for me has to be Pachelbel, not because it's a completely unique shade, but because of how insanely pigmented it is.  Look how it shines in my inner corner!  As usual, I enjoy their lip balms as I did the last time I ordered.  I think the best thing about HW is their stellar customer service.  With such amazing products, it really says a lot when her customer service is even better.  Every single review I've seen of this company raves about Christine's CS and generosity.  She had another flash sale recently but I had to skip it since I had the collection that I really wanted.  I was super tempted to get the Fringe-inspired CotM 'Walternate' and another GWP 'Corgi Butts'.  I'm regretting not getting them as I'm typing right now...  Okay, time to end this review before I ruin my wallet again!

Thanks for reading and please support Hello Waffle! :)

- Jolie ♥


  1. This looks like such a great new indie store. I feel like you always discover great ones that are not too well know which I love. It's just a shame that they don't ship internationally yet.

    I think that their store name & sticker labels are just adorable. My favorites from seeing your your swatches are; 'Whale Hello There', 'Pachelbel', 'Bach', 'Mozart', 'Schubert' & 'Chopin'.


    1. Thank you, Sophie! I actually discover a lot of new indie stores through the subreddit /r/indiemakeupandmore. Hello Waffle is a great store to check out once they start shipping internationally. Christine has great products and great customer service :)

      You've picked some of my personal favorites from the haul including Pachelbel and Chopin (Chopin is simply stunning). I really hope you get a chance to try them out soon!