Thursday, June 12, 2014

Aromaleigh Cosmetics Bete Noire Collection - Swatches and Review

I'm very excited to be doing this review on Aromaleigh Cosmetic's Bete Noire collection!  This is my first time ordering from this company.  I had been looking at the discontinued Bete Noire collection for awhile because one of the shades shares a name with me!  Aromaleigh has weekly sales and believe me, they're amazing deals.  They had a 50% off sale of this collection and I immediately made an order.  I decided to buy the entire collection because it was crazy cheap.  Their samples are normally $1 for 1/8 tsp, but with the sale, they were 50 cents each.  I picked up two of each shade so I had enough for pressing.  The collection consists of 16 unique jewel-toned shades named after various women/femme fatales.  

My order shipped two days after I paid and I received it two or three days later.  Aromaleigh is famous for their extremely quick shipping time so I was happy to get to play with these so quickly.  I also received three free samples with my order and one of them was something I had really wanted to try out (so thank you to whoever packs the orders!).

All the goodies!  Duplicates are stacked on top of each other.
Pictures are taken under daylight bulb and swatches are done over $1 ELF primer

Lisette swatch
Lisette:  pink with blue sparkles

Jolie swatch
Jolie:  burgundy with pink sparkles.  Yay, my namesake!  This isn't a color I would normally be too excited about (because of the pink sparkles), but I had to get it and I don't have any complaints.  It's very sparkly and I like the base color.

Viviane swatch
Viviane:  bronze with blue sparkles.  This one is gorgeous and has a nice silky texture.  I know it doesn't look very bronze in the picture, but it definitely is in person.

Ambre swatch
Ambre:  olive gold with white sparkles

Aurelie swatch
Aurelie:  metallic gold

Solange swatch
Solange:  vegas gold

Sabine swatch
Sabine:  metallic brass

Darcelle swatch
Darcelle:  olive gold.  This is similar to Ambre, only Darcelle is slightly darker and has no sparkles.

Daylight:  Lisette, Jolie, Viviane, Ambre, Aurelie, Solange, Sabine, Darcelle
Flash:  Lisette, Jolie, Viviane, Ambre, Aurelie, Solange, Sabine, Darcelle

Amarante swatch
Amaranthe:  metallic chartreuse

Alix swatch
Alix:  light olive gold with blue sparkles

Genissa swatch
Genissa:  blue with blue sparkles

Mireille swatch
Mireille:  purple with red and purple sparkles

Colette swatch
Colette:  royal purple with blue and orange sparkles

Bette swatch
Bette:  light gunmetal with blue and gold sparkles

Chantal swatch
Chantal:  green-toned gray with blue sparkles

Sybilla swatch
Sybilla:  charcoal with gold and purple sparkles

Daylight:  Amaranthe, Alix, Genissa, Mireille, Colette, Bette, Chantal, Sybilla
Flash:  Amaranthe, Alix, Genissa, Mireille, Colette, Bette, Chantal, Sybilla

Bona Dea
Bona Dea swatch
Bona Dea:  light lime green with white and gold sparkles.  This was one of my free samples and I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought.  I think this would make a great inner corner highlight.

Jormungandr swatch
Jormungandr:  dark purple with copper sheen.  This was the one I really, REALLY wanted to try out because it was from their new dragon inspired "Serpens" collection.  Jormungandr seemed like such a beautiful shade and I fell in love with it even more after swatching.  It's absolutely stunning and I'm really excited to see other shadows from this collection.

Fateful Storm
Fateful Storm swatch
Fateful Storm:  brass with white sparkles.  This was my third free sample and it actually swatched a lot lighter than I thought.  The color in the baggie was quite dark so I expected something darker than Jormungandr.

Daylight:  Bona Dea, Jormungandr, Fateful Storm
Flash:  Bona Dea, Jormungandr, Fateful Storm

I'm extremely impressed with this company and I'm very happy with my order.  TAT, pigmentation, and texture were all great.  The only cons I can think of are how similar some of the golds and coppers can be and how the labels don't list the ingredients.  However, I believe the ingredients are listed on the website so it's not too much of a hassle to look there.  I do like how the labels show which collection each shadow is from.  The sample sizes are smaller than what I'm used to, but if you can catch the weekly sales and deals, then I would definitely pick up two samples instead of one.  I look forward to pressing these and getting even more use out of them (as I find sample baggies kind of messy to deal with).  I've also done a few eye looks with these shadows and their application and vividness is fantastic.

I really recommend Aromaleigh and I urge you to check them out.  I know I'll definitely be making more orders in the future for sure.

- Jolie ♥

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