Friday, November 27, 2015

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Winter Beach Getaway Swatches!

Dawn Eyes is on a roll!  They've released three new collections in the span of a month and I have them all for you!  I've said before that I really enjoy their eyeshadows, low prices, and super fast turnaround time.  I recently posted swatches of their Fall & Halloween and Christmas collection.  This time, I have swatches of the Winter Beach Getaway collection, perfect for when you're yearning for the warmth of summer while stuck at home in the cold.  

Dawn included four free samples of the even newer released collection in my order and I absolutely loved them!  I already ordered those and they're on their way to me, so I'll swatch and post them as soon as possible ;)

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Sunrise on the Water
Sunrise on the Water:  white with blue sheen and pink shimmers

Living Coral
Living Coral:  metallic peachy pink with gold sparkles

Abalone:  orchard with blue sparkles

Sea Star
Sea Star:  lavender with gold sparkles

Foam:  beautiful purple base with blue duochrome.  This one reminds me of a less glittery, more wearable Shiro Alkahestry.  I'll have to swatch them both side by side to really compare.

Beach Fire
Beach Fire:  orange red with gold sparkles

Starlit Bay
Starlit Bay:  eggplant base with blue sparkles

Sunrise on the Water, Living Coral, Abalone, Sea Star, Foam, Beach Fire, Starlit Bay

Algea:  light green with blue sparkles

Sandcastle:  metallic olive gold

Moon Pulled Tide
Moon Pulled Tide:  slate with silver and blue shimmers

The Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Charmed:  metallic copper with gold sparkles

Eternal Flame
Eternal Flame:  beautiful dark red with red shimmers

Bewitching:  beautiful emerald

Nightshade:  gorgeous dark purple with purple sparkles and pink and blue shimmers

Algea, Sandcastle, Moon Pulled Tide, Charmed, Eternal Flame, Bewitching, Nightshade

As pretty as the Winter Beach Getaway shades are, I think I'm WAY more in love with the Tales of Mystery and Imagination.  I'm a huge sucker for gem tones and deeper shades.  I'm so glad Dawn included four of those shades for me because it got me really excited for the rest of the collection!

- Jolie ♥

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