Thursday, November 12, 2015

Aromaleigh Cosmetics Fatalis Collection Swatches

Around Halloween, Aromaleigh Cosmetics teased the indie world with their upcoming intense duochrome collection using expensive pigments.  The collection, Fatalis, was based off colorful poisonous plants and animals.  The collection was priced a bit higher because of how much more the pigments cost to purchase.  I bought all the eyeshadows in sample baggies and several of the face powders and a full sized tinted lip balm.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Helleborus Niger
Helleborus Niger:  plum taupe base with green gold sheen

Phyllobates Terribilis
Phyllobates Terribilis:  olive base with red sheen

Hapalochlaena Lunulata
Hapalochlaena Lunulata:  plum base with blue sheen

Nerium Oleander
Nerium Oleander:  hot pink base with blue sheen

Amanita Muscaria
Amanita Muscaria:  red orange with gold sheen

Helleborus Niger, Phyllobates Terribilis, Hapalochlaena Lunulata, Nerium Oleander, Amanita Muscaria

Dendroaspis Polylepis
Dendroaspis Polylepis:  sparkly fuchsia

Atropa Belladonna
Atropa Belladonna:  mulberry base with purple sparkles

Leiurus Quinquestriatus
Leiurus Quinquestriatus:  shimmery green with blue sparkles

Chironex Fleckeri
Chironex Fleckeri:  red plum base with strong blue sheen

Phoneutria Nigriventer
Phoneutria Nigriventer:  shimmery olive bronze

Dendroaspis Polylepis, Atropa Belladonna, Leiurus Quinquestriatus, Chironex Fleckeri, Phoneutria Nigriventer

Solanum Dulcamara
Solanum Dulcamara:  pink highlight with light green shimmers

Convallaria Majalis
Convallaria Majalis:  lavender highlight with blue shimmers

Heloderma Suspectum
Heloderma Suspectum:  matte dusty mauve contour

Latrodectus Mactans
Latrodectus Mactans:  opaque pinky red balm with faint copper sheen, chocolate scented

Solanum Dulcamara, Convallaria Majalis, Heloderma Suspectum, Latrodectus Mactans

Othreis:  pale pink with gold shimmer

Brunhilde:  matte taupe

Alone is What I Have
Alone is What I Have:  ocean blue with tons of gold sparkles

Lilith:  pigmented hot pink blush

Othreis, Brunhilde, Alone is What I Have, Lilith

Overall, the Fatalis eyeshadows are pretty, but definitely overhyped.  I've walked around the house with the swatches in various lighting and saw a duochrome effect in only a few of the shadows.  They also have a grittier texture and don't adhere very well to the skin unless over a sticky base like glitter adhesives or cream bases.  I definitely would not recommend only wearing these over regular primer because it wouldn't bring out their best form.  I did really enjoy the tinted lip balm though.  The scent is wonderful and it gives me such a great color with minimal effort.  The Fatalis collection will be retiring in December, so there's still a bit of time to purchase it.  I would definitely suggest looking through various blog swatches to pick out the few that really call to you, but I am glad I got to try the whole collection as samples before committing to a larger size.

Update November 17th, 2015
I will no longer be purchasing from Aromaleigh because of the happenings detailed in Working With Monolid's blog post here.  We have both experienced retaliation from the shop after posting our respective swatches and reviews of the Fatalis collection and do not wish to support them any longer.

- Jolie ♥

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