Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1UP Box NIGHTMARE vs Super Geek Box CHAOS vs Loot Crate TIME October 2015!

I'm trying very hard to catch up on monthly reviews!  Some of my November boxes just shipped out so I want to get this October review before those arrive.  As expected, the boxes were themed after Halloween and Back to the Future.  For anyone who didn't know, Back to the Future day recently passed, so Loot Crate made a Time themed box.  I actually enjoyed all my boxes immensely this month and can't wait to see what I get for November!

1UP Box Nightmare

Awesome Pokemon/Mario crossover shirt.  The Gastly line is one of my favorites because of Gengar.

Boo sleeping mask!  Both cute and useful since I use sleep masks often.

Glow in the dark parachute chord

Daryl Dixon and Jack Skellington Pocket Pops

Nightmare themed poster

Pop rocks

Nightmare Pin

Super Geek Box Chaos

Joker shirt

Absolutely adorable Jack Skellington Dorbz.  It's already joined my other subscription box plushies on the bed.

Awesome reversible Boo air fresheners!

Venom face mask bandana thing

Foam chainsaw

Pop rocks again

Chaos Pin

Loot Crate Time

Bill & Ted shirt

Exclusive Doc Brown Funko Pop

Miniature Hoverboard

Metal Sonic Spork

Time Magazine

Time Pin

Awesome reversible Time box

- Jolie ♥

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