Saturday, November 28, 2015

1UP Box POWER vs Super Geek Box LEGACY vs Loot Crate COMBAT November 2015

Alright, the month's almost over but I'm going to get these geek box subscription review posted before it ends!  Super Geek Box actually came yesterday, so I wasn't procrastinating too much.  I find Super Geek Box to ship the latest out of all three.  Loot and 1UP usually ship around the same time and I get to play with those things and wear those shirts first.  Enough talking, onto the good stuff!

1UP Box Power

Dragonball Z and Superman crossover shirt.  My fiance really liked the Dragonball aspect.

Spiderman Mopeez!  It's so cute!

Star Wars jigsaw puzzle

Buildable Superhero

Harley Quinn air freshener

Dragonball Z sticker, again keeping this for the fiance

1UP box Power pin

Super Geek Box Legacy

Awesome TARDIS drawstring bag!  There were two small holes in it, but whatever.

Star Wars and Nike crossover shirt

Really cool Star Wars funko pop figure

Nyan Cat and Adventure Time crossover lanyard

Star Wars magnet

Star Wars and Mario crossover Christmas card

Super Geek Box Legacy Pin

Loot Crate Combat

Really cool Shredder sunglasses

Sylvana figurine

Fallout Bobblehead

Mockingjay Pin

Cute but Deadly magnets!

Street Fighter comic

Combat magazine

Loot Crate Combat pin

Awesome post apocalyptic box design

- Jolie ♥

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