Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Aromaleigh Cosmetics Asteriai Collection Swatches

Welcome back, everyone!  Today I have a swatch post of Aromaleigh's Asteriai collection.  This is based off of star nymphs in Greek mythology and is a permanent collection.  It showcases lots of blue and purple shadows to correspond with stars and the night sky.  I bought a sample set, but they now come in samples, deluxe samples, mini jars, and full sized jars.

Pictures taken in daylight and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom half)

Koronis:  sheer white with multicolored sparkles.  This took a bit of work to build up, so it'd be good as an inner corner highlight.

Elektra:  olive gold with red and blue sparkles.  I actually wish I liked this color more because I love the story of Elektra (human daughter of Agamemnon, not the nymph) and her comic book inspiration.  Too bad I don't normally wear cool-toned golds.  I did wear this out and it was very pigmented without needed a sticky base.

Kleeia:  shimmery tawny with red and green shimmers

Taygete:  beautiful gray base with pink sheen and gold shimmers

Eudora:  milk chocolate base with green sheen

Daylight:  Koronis, Elektra, Kleeia, Taygete, Eudora

Kelaino:  dark taupe with blue sheen and red and gold sparkles

Sterope:  plum with blue sheen and red sparkles

Maia:  blue with green sheen

Alkyone:  shimmery sapphire blue

Merope:  beautiful gray base with purple sheen

Daylight:  Kelaino, Sterope, Maia, Alkyone, Merope

Others and Free Samples

Wendigo:  steely blue gray with red and gold sparkles

Krampus:  plum with silver sheen and red and blue sparkles

Olivia:  shimmery pink copper.  This was the first out of four(!) free samples, it reminded me of a darker rose gold.

Musidora:  semi sheer satin green toned silver

Damballah:  sparkly teal with blue, silver, and copper sparkles

Walpurgisnacht:  dark base with purple sheen and gold sparkles

Daylight:  Wendigo, Krampus, Olivia, Musidora, Damballah, Walpurgisnacht

Overall, the Asteriai collection certainly had some pretty shades, but I felt like everything was too similar.  The tones were similar enough where I felt I wouldn't be able to use several shades in an eye look without them looking muddy.  I would have preferred if there were more lighter or darker shades because everything was pretty mid-toned.  It's a good collection to have if you don't have many shades that can work all over the lid.  I find I can slap any shade on my lid with some winged liner and be good to go, so it's great for someone who's in a rush in the mornings.  I think this collection would pair well with the dark colors in the limited edition Diavoli collection.

- Jolie ♥

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