Friday, February 27, 2015

AFK Cosmetics Inconceivable! Collection Swatches

I have swatches of AFK Cosmetic's Inconceivable! collection for you today!  What better time than now, since Dena just put up the final restocks up.  The collection is inspired by The Princess Bride and Dena did the label art herself using tea bags!  It consists of seven eyeshadows, one facial highlighter, and two tinted lip balms.  I bought the entire collection in sample sizes along with the Color of the Month for February.

Funny thing about my order, I actually received two packages from AFK that day.  Turns out they had mistakenly sent me another person's order.  I messaged Dena right away letting her know whose order I received so she could contact that person and asked if she wanted me to just send it out to her.  Dena graciously said I could keep her order and was sending out a replacement to the other person, yay!  Wonderful thing was, that person ordered two full sized jars from Inconceivable! and they were two colors I would've gotten full sizes of too :)  I'm glad her and I share the same tastes.  Anyway, onto swatches!

Pictures taken in daylight and swatched over Notoriously Morbid's Shadow Bind (top half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom half)

Be My Player 2
Be My Player 2:  strawberry with strong blue duochrome.  This was the CotM for February and appropriately named.  I don't normally go for colors like these, but I just had to because the name was too cute and the color description seemed a complete opposite to January's CotM Alpha and Omega.  I had begged Dena to do a sister shade because I absolutely love Pokemon ORAS and she said she actually considered it for this month but the label art had been made.  It's the thought that counts!  (I also forgot to mention Dena drew me a cute snowman on my invoice.  I'm forever known as the snowman lady now hahaha!)

Mawwage:  shimmery ivory.  Sooooo I didn't realize this was a facial highlighter when I swatched it, so it's swatched over eyeshadow primer.  It's actually really pigmented, so it can definitely be used as an eyeshadow as well.  I think it's really pretty and I'll definitely try to use it on my face :)

As You Wish
As You Wish:  metallic gold orange.  How beautiful is this shade, seriously?

I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife!
I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife!:  swampy green with silver shimmers.  Okay, I definitely need to watch this movie again because this quote is pretty funny.  I watched it when I was really young and remember being underwhelmed.

Land War in Asia
Land War in Asia:  dark purple brown with blue and red sparkles

Daylight:  Be My Player 2, Mawwage, As You Wish, I'm Not a Witch I'm Your Wife!, Land War in Asia

Fire Swamp
Fire Swamp:  shimmery gray with gold and pink sparkles

Anybody Wanna' Peanut?
Anybody Wanna' Peanut?:  dark brown base with gold shimmers

To the Pain
To the Pain:  beautiful blackened purple

Have Fun Stormin' the Castle
Have Fun Stormin' the Castle:  gorgeous blackened teal

Is This a Kissing Book?
Is This a Kissing Book?:  sheer coral with strong rose scent.  The lip swatches looked pretty pigmented, but for some reason, AFK balms never come on as pigmented on me.  The rose scent was also stronger than I had hoped, so I haven't been able to wear this out as much as I'd like (mostly because it looks like a clear balm on me).

Mostly Dead
Mostly Dead:  semi sheer mulberry with a sweet scent I can't put my finger on.  The lip swatches also looked pretty pigmented and this was only moderately opaque on me.  I really wish they'd look more opaque on me as they do on others.  It makes me wonder if there's something wrong with my lips... This scent is nice though, it smells delicious like some kind of sweet nut or brown sugar.

Daylight:  Fire Swamp, Anybody Wanna' Peanut?, To the Pain, Have Fun Stormin' the Castle, Is This a Kissing Book?, Mostly Dead

I really enjoyed the eyeshadows in this collection and thought they were beautiful and pigmented.  Some of them do benefit over a sticky base, but when one is used, the shades are stunning.  I was a bit disappointed with the opacity of the balms because I really love AFK's balm formula.  They actually moisturize my lips instead of slipping off.  I know I had an issue with a balm from the Christmas collection which seemed super pigmented in the site swatches but was pretty sheer for me.  Hopefully, the pigment in these balms settled and the more I use them, the more pigmented they become.  I'd still like to thank Dena for letting me keep the extra order and for drawing the cute snowman on my invoice.  It was such a cute surprise and I love how she remembers little details about her customers :)  

This collection is only available until it's sold out, so I really urge you to purchase it before it's all gone!

- Jolie ♥

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