Thursday, February 27, 2014

Notoriously Morbid Little Melancholies Collection - Review and Swatches

I'm back again with another order from my favorite indie company!  Once Notoriously Morbid announced that they were releasing a Valentine's collection I knew I had to buy it.  After receiving several free samples of the collection in my last order, I went ahead and ordered mini-jars when the collection came out.  I also picked up another full-size jar and several samples I've been interested in.

This is what my package looked like!  Such a cute Valentines themed bag with a skull sticker; it definitely resonates with the brand.
Another absolutely lovely message written by Carrie.  She makes me feel warm fuzzies :3

Phoenix Flame
Phoenix Flame:  warm yellow with yellow sparkles.  This was my first free sample; I'm not sure how to use this yet since yellows are not usually my thing.

One November
One November:  shimmery dark chocolate with green and red sparkles.  This was my second free sample with my order.  I don't know why I didn't buy this before, maybe because I thought I had enough browns.  Boy was I wrong, I should really just get every color that NM offers because their colors always have something special. 

Zinthos:  shimmery dark purple.  This is actually a purple that's almost black.  It was always sold out on the site so I thought it sold really well, turns out it didn't so it's being discontinued.  I've already purchased a full-size of this; I don't see myself wearing this every day, but I don't want to ever run out of any NM shades..

Velvet Hammer
Velvet Hammer:  beautiful shimmery purple.  I'm in love with this color, it goes on so buttery and pigmented.  I think this is the perfect purple and I enjoy swatching it.

Vashta Nerada
Vashta Nerada:  black with tons of red and gold sparkles.  The red and gold sparkles are gorgeous with this color.  NM really knows how to make sparkly shades (I have to stress, sparkly not glittery).  I much prefer subtle sparkle over obvious glitter.

I'm Melting
I'm Melting:  shimmery dark green.  Another beautiful shade, this is like a nice pine green shade.  It's deep, pigmented, and overall gorgeous.

Carly:  shimmery warm pink.  This is my favorite color ever because it's similar to Geek Chic's "He's Korean".  Both of them were surprise favorites to me, and Carly is a near perfect dupe of it.  This will definitely be replacing "He's Korean"; not only does NM offer more product for the price, but it also doesn't have the gold glitter that is in "He's Korean".  It's very hard for me to describe this color, "warm pink" doesn't really do this shade justice so please just trust me and add this to your cart.

Rain On Cold Glass
Rain On Cold Glass:  shimmery white gold.  This is part of the Little Melancholies collection - it has a very buttery texture.  I bought two samples of this because I wanted to press it but wasn't sure if it would press well.  Usually when I'm iffy about a color because of a certain ingredient, I buy two samples and press one.  That way, if that becomes ruined, I still have another to play with and I'll know to keep it loose.  Well, I pressed this color using my tutorial and it came out great - beautiful and pigmented :)

Jupiter Rain
Jupiter Rain:  blue-leaning teal with tons of gold glitter.  This isn't a color I would normally wear, or go for, but there was a sale when I made my order and proceeds to this color actually go to the organization RAINN.  I'm not familiar with the organization, but I believe they help women who are victims of sexual abuse.  I will definitely find a way to use this color.

Quiet in the Dark
Quiet in the Dark:  crimson with tons of gold sparkle.  This is also from the Little Melancholies collection and I bought a mini-jar of this based solely from the swatch photo.  It's been mentioned before, but this is very similar to Geek Chic's "The Golden Trio".  The difference is that "The Golden Trio" contains gold glitter instead of gold sparkle.  Again, NM's shade is more up my alley because of the subtlety. 

Hearts of Black Lace
Hearts of Black Lace:  dark (almost black) maroon with copper shimmer.  This has a blue base that isn't apparently - it's probably due to the ferric ferrocyanide in the ingredients.  I bought the mini-jar of this because I already received this as a sample in my last order which I was going to press.  I assumed this wouldn't press very well because of the ferric ferrocyanide (I was right, pressing this damages the color payoff a little bit).  It's also one of my favorite colors from her so I wanted more!

Here be swatches!  These are done over bare skin (click to enlarge):

Daylight:  Phoenix Flame, One November, Zinthos, Velvet Hammer, Vashta Nerada, I'm Melting, Carly, Rain on Cold Glass
Flash:  Phoenix Flame, One November, Zinthos, Velvet Hammer, Vashta Nerada, I'm Melting, Carly, Rain on Cold Glass
Daylight:  Jupiter Rain, Quiet in the Dark, Hearts of Black Lace
Flash:  Jupiter Rain, Quiet in the Dark, Hearts of Black Lace
There are actually two more colors in the Little Melancholies collection - "Walks in the Moonlight" and "Forgotten Dreams".  I didn't show them here because I received them in my last NM order and they've already been swatched.  I really like the whole collection and Carrie just released another new one that's inspired by Twin Peaks.  I know several other collections are planned for the year and I have very mixed feelings about it.  On one hand I LOVE everything that she puts out and I look forward to seeing new shades, but on the other hand my wallet is crying.  I guess this is the price I have to pay for being an NM addict - totally not her fault.  Little Melancholies is permanent so there's no rush to get these beautiful shades, Zinthos however, is not.  I am now patiently waiting for my Twin Peaks order to ship and come in the mail so I can marvel even more :D

- Jolie ♥


  1. Notoriously Morbid has very quickly become my favourite indie eyeshadow company as well. I only have 1 shadow from this collection, Hearts of Black Lace, but now I want the rest after seeing your beautiful swatches!

    1. Thank you! I really can't explain how much I love this company. They're just incomparable to me, both in quality and customer service. I think one of the things I love the most is how often they come out with new collections. It's just great to keep customers interested. You should join their Facebook fanpage called "Notoriously Morbid Customer's Crypt". We get sneak peeks and everyone in there absolutely loves the company!

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they, Alisa?! I really can't wait for more collections to come out. I haven't seen any other indie company come out with collections so consistently :D