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Shiro Cosmetics February 2014 CotM and Discontinuing Shades

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, it's another Shiro order.  A few weeks back, Shiro had announced they were discontinuing a lot of colors from the Legends collection and adding a few new ones.  Caitlin put the discontinuing ones up for sale at a discount when she released the February Color of the Month.  Now if I hadn't talked about their Color of the Months before, I will now.  It's a really cool thing they do where they ask fans to suggest a color for the month (name and shade).  She then takes the five or six suggestions with the most Facebook likes and asks us to vote.  The winner of the vote will be made into a color that can be purchased during that month.  

This is a really fun concept because it lets the fans interact and directly affect the company, in a way.  We all feel like we're contributing and it feels like a nice tribute when Caitlin does make a color we suggest.  Anyway, if you hadn't noticed by now, rose gold has been a very popular color this year, especially with the release of Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette.  Shiro has yet to make a rose gold and they really excel in everything they do.  I suggested a rose gold color for January's CotM but it didn't get enough votes.  I decided to suggest it again for February titled, "Welp, I tried! 'inspired by the already broken resolutions'".  It ended up winning and a Shiro rose gold was made!  So yes, this is me rambling, but you can understand my excitement after winning out over many other beautiful colors.

I showed my fiance this and he said, "Aw, that's nice - WAIT, HOW DID SHE KNOW?"  Caitlin, he now thinks you're some kind of seer.

Pictures are taken under daylight bulb over ELF Essential Primer: 

I tried.
I tried. swatch
I tried.:  rose gold with gold sparkles.  It's my color guys! ^_^  I wanted to show the top label because it's pretty cute.  It's a donut with a bite taken out of it - to represent people breaking their diets, I suppose.  This is very pretty and sparkly.  I was really worried after reading several people say it was really sparkly and my mind automatically went to "omg glitter".  I'm glad it's more of a sparkle than glitterbomb, because I like the subtlety more.

Zelda/Princess swatch
Zelda/Princess:  soft salmon with gold sparkles.  It is very pigmented and has a buttery texture.  This is one of the shades that is being discontinued and I was very confused because I thought it was popular.  None of the following full-sized jars are new to me as I bought them because I fell in love with their samples beforehand.

Twilight Realm
Twilight Realm swatch
Twilight Realm:  gray with blue sparkles.  This is a very sparkly shade.  It's actually one of the first colors I'd ever gotten from Shiro (it was in my first order).  I thought it was gorgeous, but haven't busted it out recently.  I do love it every time I swatch though, so I'm glad I'll never run out.

Dark Sacrifice
Dark Sacrifice swatch
Dark Sacrifice:  dark blue with blue and red sparkles.  Now this one really surprised me.  I know Caitlin has been asked several times about which color was her favorite.  She always says Dark Sacrifice and there's really no surprise why.  It's a gorgeous color and I love how the red sparkles actually shine through the blue.  I'm really sad that she would discontinue a favorite of hers, it might be due to something in the ingredients *shrug*.  This is actually my favorite one out of the discontinued colors, another one I fell in love with from a sample. 

Kooloo-Limpah! swatch
Kooloo-Limpah!:  light peach with green and orange sparkles.  This was one of my free samples as I requested my free samples be from the new Legends colors.  It seems simlar to Zelda/Princess, but less pink.

A Terrible Fate
A Terrible Fate swatch
A Terrible Fate:  blurple with microshimmer.  I can't exactly tell what color the microshimmers are as they are very small.  This is my second free sample from the new Legends colors.  I assumed this would be the color to replace Dark Sacrifice.  It actually applies more sheer than I would have liked; it took a few layers to reach the opacity you'll see in the swatch below.  The texture is smooth, buttery, and has sort of a satin finish, so that's very nice.

Daylight:  I tried, Zelda/Princess, Twilight Realm, Dark Sacrifice, Kooloo-Limpah!, A Terrible Fate
Flash:  I tried, Zelda/Princess, Twilight Realm, Dark Sacrifice, Kooloo-Limpah!, A Terrible Fate

Overall, I'm very happy with what Caitlin did with the rose gold.  I sure hope it becomes popular enough to make it into the "High Scores" - it's where popular CotMs become permanent.  I'm also very glad I bought full-sizes of the discontinuing colors that I love.  I don't like getting full sizes because I can NEVER go through a full jar, but I guess it's better safe than sorry.  

How do you like I tried?  Is it the perfect rose gold that you envisioned?

- Jolie ♥

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