Thursday, March 13, 2014

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy's March 2014 Subscription - Review and Swatches

How cute is the packaging?  Innocent + Twisted Alchemy did it again; I can't get enough of that cute bunny bag!  This is a cool month for i+t because they announced they were trying out a matte formula.  A sample of that matte shadow was included in this month's box and it's pretty great!  As usual, Linda shipped it out really quickly, I'm just posting this now because I'm behind on posts...

Pictures are taken in daylight - click to enlarge

Deep in the Meadows
Deep in the Meadows:  shimmery cerulean with rainbow sparkles

Sparkling Cinders
Sparkling Cinders:  shimmery light taupe

Blossoming Denial
Blossoming Denial:  shimmery baby pink with blue sheen

Mozzies:  matte brick red-brown.  For their first attempt at a matte shadow, it's really great!  It's pigmented and soft.  It's also a color I can see myself using a lot, so I'm happy I got this :)

Ares:  shimmery copper.  This is a sample(?) from Chinovi Cosmetics.  Notice I put a question mark next to sample because I'm not actually sure if it's a sample size or not; it's huge.

Alpine Skies
Alpine Skies:  shimmery white with blue-green sheen.  This is a sample from Femme Fatale and I believe this is my first one from this company.  

Blood Moon
Blood Moon:  shimmery lilac with red sparkles.  This is a sample from Black Rose Minerals; I'm a bit confused at the name as I would have assumed something called 'Blood Moon' would be red.  Either way, it's a pretty color and it seems similar to Shiro's Master of Whispers.

Swatches are done over bare skin - click to enlarge

Daylight:  Deep in the Meadows, Sparkling Cinders, Blossoming Denial, Mozzies, Ares, Alpine Skies, Blood Moon
Flash:  Deep in the Meadows, Sparkling Cinders, Blossoming Denial, Mozzies, Ares, Alpine Skies, Blood Moon
I thoroughly enjoyed this month's subscription and I think Linda did a great job with the matte shadow.  Looking at my swatches I realize that everything leans more neutral (good or bad, you decide).  Everything I received was pigmented and smooth; I have absolutely no disappointments.  As I mentioned before, Black Rose Minerals' "Blood Moon" seems similar to Shiro's "Master of Whispers" and I plan on swatching them side-by-side along with other shadows I think are similar, such as Notoriously Morbid's "Forgotten Dreams" and Detrivore's "Scar".  Stay tuned for those comparisons :)

- Jolie ♥


  1. Ooh Mozzies looks nice! Innocent + Twisted Alchemy's eyeshadow formula is one of my favourite of all the indie brands I've tried but they are mostly shimmery, I hope that more mattes are being made :)

    1. I agree, I hope she comes out with more matte colors too. Matte formulas seem to be hard to get right, but I think hers is superb :D