Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Notoriously Morbid Lost in the Lodge Collection - Swatches and Review

My favorite indie company, Notoriously Morbid, is at it again!  They've recently released a collection based on the TV show Twin Peaks.  The collection is called Lost in the Lodge and contains six shades.  A full-size jar of a shade was given to us as a Free Day Friday gift so I took that opportunity to order the others (as well as a few other shades I've wanted to try).  This was actually several orders combined into one so that's why it seems like a lot..

Another cute personalized note :)  The crypt that Carrie is referencing to is NM's Facebook fanpage called "Notoriously Morbid's Customer Crypt" - I love talking to people there; they are all friendly and awesome.

All photos are taken in daylight - click to enlarge:

Hallowed Ground
Hallowed Ground:  dark mustard yellow with a red sheen.  This has a sort of antique gold look to it.  Hallowed Ground is actually one of my free samples and was brought back from last year's Halloween collection due to popular demand.  I'm glad I got this as a free sample because I didn't pick this up and was always curious.

No One Was Saved
No One Was Saved:  gray purple with pink sheen.  This was my second free sample, but was included because I wasn't sure if I had gotten the right color last time.  Carrie wanted to send me another sample free of charge and I didn't want her to waste postage so I suggested she include it as a free sample when I make an order.  Her customer service is superb and I never want to take advantage of her; this was a win-win.

Nudist:  matte nude with subtle silver sparkle

Lizard on a Window Pane
Lizard on a Window Pane:  shimmery cream with green sheen.  If you look closely at the top of the baggie, you'll be able to see a few spots of dark shadow.  This actually made my swatch very uneven and I wasn't sure if it was unblended or if another color had gotten mixed in by mistake.  I messaged Carrie about it and she said the dark brown pigment wasn't mixed in thoroughly because of her new equipment and offered to send me a replacement.  She is so amazing!  I declined this time because it would be fixed once I press it (pressing mixes the shadow more).  Anyway, I used this in a look today and it's really pretty!  Thank you to everyone who recommended it; it gives a gorgeous wash of color!

Storm:  sparkly gray blue

Jack:  brilliant shimmery copper

Speak to the Devil
Speak to the Devil:  dark brown with green sparkles

Snow's Fury
Snow's Fury:  dark blue with white sparkles

Swatches are all done over bare skin:

Daylight:  Hallowed Ground, No One Was Saved, Nudist, Lizard on a Window Pane, Storm, Jack, Speak to the Devil, Snow's Fury
Flash:  Hallowed Ground, No One Was Saved, Nudist, Lizard on a Window Pane, Storm, Jack, Speak to the Devil, Snow's Fury

Lost in the Lodge Collection

Garmonbozia:  warm, sparkly yellow with blue sheen.  Yellows are usually not for me, but I couldn't help but be really wowed when I was swatching this.  The blue sheen is apparent and it's such an interesting color - I was definitely in awe.

Sometimes My Arms Bend Back
Sometimes My Arms Bend Back:  shimmery dusty rose.  Okay, this became one of my favorite shades from NM.  I always thought I wasn't a neutral lover, but looking back at my favorite NM shades, I find that most of them are neutral.  I really cannot wait to use this one and I'm wondering if I'll actually be able to use this up (so I can order a full-size shhh).

My Log Saw Something
My Log Saw Something:  matte rust with gold sparkles

She's Full of Secrets
She's Full of Secrets:  shimmery lavender-pink with blue sheen.  This reminds me a lot of Shiro Cosmetic's Alkahestry.  I haven't swatched them side-by-side yet but I know I prefer this one.  Alkahestry is a glitterbomb and many people love the effect.  I love the color of Alkahestry, but not the glitter and high-maintenance that comes with glitterbombs.  She's Full of Secrets is a perfect alternative for me.

25 Years
25 Years:  shimmery purple taupe with red sheen.  I really like this color; it's right up my alley and so beautiful.

Douglas Firs
Douglas Firs:  matte green that blends into a matte blue.  This is NM's first pressure-sensitive shadow, which means it applies one color and turns into another when it's blended.  This is so interesting and I hope they start making more.

Daylight:  Garmonbozia, Sometimes My Arms Bend Back, My Log Saw Something, She's Full of Secrets, 25 Years, Douglas Firs
Flash:  Garmonbozia, Sometimes My Arms Bend Back, My Log Saw Something, She's Full of Secrets, 25 Years, Douglas Firs


Big Bird Must Die
Big Bird Must Die:  pastel yellow with red sparkles

Andorian:  shimmery emerald

Lunatic Shrilling
Lunatic Shrilling:  purple with red sparkles.  This one is the only one being reformulated (so I'm assuming it's coming back); it's very pretty.

Zinthos:  blackened purple with red and blue sparkles
Daylight:  Big Bird Must Die, Andorian, Lunatic Shrilling, Zinthos
Flash:  Big Bird Must Die, Andorian, Lunatic Shrilling, Zinthos

Yeah, this post was really long, but I'm not sorry at all.  I was so excited for the Twin Peaks collection and it definitely did not disappoint.  I like every single color and I find the pressure-sensitive shadow so amazing.  Notoriously Morbid is actually coming out with an all matte collection inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I absolutely love how they keep churning out new collections to keep things interesting.  Please check them out if you haven't already.

Have you tried Douglas Firs yet?  What are your thoughts on it, or any other pressure sensitive shadow that you've tried?

- Jolie ♥


  1. I was SO EXCITED when a couple samples from the Twin Peaks collection showed up in an order I placed last month! I actually bought a bigger size of Douglas Firs and baggies of the other shadows in the collection, but I'm still waiting on the package to arrive. Anyway, I love Douglas Firs because the pressure-sensitive thing is cool, but it's also just a really nice matte eyeshadow to begin with!

    1. I definitely recommend the others in the collection! Everything from it is GREAT; if you wait until tomorrow, part of the Buffy collection is releasing too ;) I need to work a bit more with Douglas Firs because I don't work with mattes often but it's an amazing concept.