Monday, March 3, 2014

Oslo Cosmetics - Collective Swatch

Hi everyone!  I'm doing something a little bit different today.  I don't have any new reviews or swatches for you, but since I own almost every single eyeshadow that Oslo Cosmetics offers, I decided to put all the swatches into one post.  This way, if you're interested, you can compare all the colors at once instead of looking back and forth and wondering if any two shades are similar.  Now I said I own almost all, but not all - I do not own the black eyeshadow, the light blue shadow (Aquarii), and a few shades from the limited edition Halloween collection.  I also forgot to include a swatch of Fabula from the aforementioned Halloween collection, sorry!  But here are all the eyeshadows I have from Oslo:

Swatches done over bare skin taken with flash:

Sextens and Pictor are blushes
Lip Slicks
Right now, Oslo's website is closed and I don't know when it will reopen.  I hope you guys check it out when it does open though and hopefully these swatches helped you :)

- Jolie ♥

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