Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rose Gold EOTD

If you guys weren't aware, I'm currently on a low-buy until I use all my indie eyeshadows at least once.  I press my indie samples into palettes, so they've been put into rotation.  I finally rotated into the Scaredy Cat palette containing their "Rose Gold" shadow!  I'm a huge fan of rose golds and can never resist getting one when a company releases them.  Since rose gold is a nice neutral, it made for a pretty subtle work-safe look.  Of course, I can usually wear what I want to work, but for more conservative environments, this look should work well too!

Scaredy Cat's Rose Gold - lid
Victorian Disco's Sin'Dorei - inner corner
Victorian Disco's Queen Beryl - outer v and crease
ELF's Liquid Eyeliner

I was pretty surprised at how soft Queen Beryl came out to be.  I may have added too much glycerin while pressing, so color payoff may have been dampened a bit.  It still went with this eye look nicely, so I didn't mind.

Another full-face picture
I really enjoyed this look, but then again it's a neutral eye and it's pretty hard to go wrong with neutrals.  This is why I usually like to experiment with brighter colors, sure it leaves more room for error, but when it's done right, I feel confident.  Neutral looks are a tried-and-true method for me, and I do them when I'm in a rush or feeling lazy and I need to rush out the door with someone I know will look good.  I really recommend Rose Gold and Sin'Dorei.  They're both really nice colors and the textures are silky and pigmented.

- Jolie ♥


  1. Your hair!!! It is absolutely amazing! The makeup is nice too of course, but the hair just blew me away in that last pic!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! It really means a lot ^_^ I have really thin hair, so it takes a bit of playing around sometimes.