Sunday, February 2, 2014

Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Black Friday 2013 Haul and Swatches

Here's another Victorian Disco review!  They were having a Black Friday sale (called Pink Weekend there) which included a discount coupon, a free Pink Friday shadow with every order, and several other goodies if you spend over a specific amount.  This was my second time ordering so I wanted to pick up a few more samples.  However, something happened during the checkout process and I couldn't purchase from the site so I messaged the owner on Facebook.  Ashley was nice enough to stick by me throughout my order and sent me an invoice over PayPal.  

A few weeks went by and my order hadn't been processed.  She messaged me once again and figured out that since I paid through PayPal, my invoice was put into another pile so she packaged my things right away with a few extra samples for my wait.  I thought that was really nice and I didn't even mind the extra wait :)

I got my tracking number pretty quickly, but USPS was having lots of problems because of the snowstorm so my package was delayed a lot.  When I finally received my order, I found out that the Pink Weekend shadow wasn't included (sadface); I think it sold out or something, oh well.  It didn't really distract me from all the pretties I got and I swatched them all immediately.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches done over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Sailor Moon (Usagi)
Sailor Moon (Usagi):  shimmery white gold

The Amazing Bouncing Ferret
The Amazing Bouncing Ferret:  shimmery white gold with red sheen.  This is similar to Sailor Moon, but it's a bit more pigmented.

/Flex:  shimmery light pinky nude.

Bro, Do You Even Lift?
Bro, Do You Even Lift?:  shimmery light gray-purple.  The site describes it as, "gorgeous light beige with golden sparkles".  I wonder why we vary so much haha, it's still a pretty shade though.

Fallen Survivor
Fallen Survivor:  sparkly light lavender.  

Daylight:  Sailor Moon (Usagi), The Amazing Bouncing Ferret, /Flex, Bro Do You Even Lift?, Fallen Survivor
Flash:  Sailor Moon (Usagi), The Amazing Bouncing Ferret, /Flex, Bro Do You Even Lift?, Fallen Survivor

Why is it Always You Three?
Why is it Always You Three?:  beautiful shimmery tan with red sheen

The Life Binder
The Life Binder:  brick red-brown with gold sparkles.  This one is very pigmented.

Lollerskatez:  silver with green sheen and rainbow sparkles.  This was an interesting one, I wondered why I bought this because it looked to be a normal silver in the baggie.  Once applied, the rainbow sparkles are apparent and it's really pretty.

Mojo:  pretty cornflower blue with aqua sparkles.  [No swatch available due to it being ruined from pressing.]

Mage Quarter
Mage Quarter:  violet with purple glitter.  This one is beautiful, pigmented, and extremely glittery. [No swatch available due to it being ruined from pressing.]

Malfoy's Bloody Nose
Malfoy's Bloody Nose:  pigmented dark brown with red glitter.  This shade is very glittery.

Angry Italian Vampires
Angry Italian Vampires:  pigmented matte brown-black with red sparkles.

Daylight:  Why is it Always You Three?, The Life Binder, Lollerskatez, Malfoy's Bloody Nose, Angry Italian Vampires
Flash:  Why is it Always You Three?, The Life Binder, Lollerskatez, Malfoy's Bloody Nose, Angry Italian Vampires

Not My Daughter You B*tch!
Not My Daughter You B*tch!:  shimmery dark green with rainbow shimmers.  This is absolutely STUNNING.  The swatch does not do it justice at all.

Torchwood:  matte dark brown with tons of blue glitter.  This is very pigmented and super glittery.

AY SEXY LADY!!:  matte charcoal with tons of rainbow glitter.  This is also super pigmented and glittery.

Safe House
Safe House:  shimmery plum.  This was my free sample and it's very smooth and pigmented.

Kidnap Sandy Claws
Kidnap Sandy Claws:  intensely pigmented matte black with rainbow shimmers.  This was my other free sample.

Daylight:  Not My Daughter You B*tch!, Torchwood, AY SEXY LADY!!, Safe House, Kidnap Sandy Claws
Flash:  Not My Daughter You B*tch!, Torchwood, AY SEXY LADY!!, Safe House, Kidnap Sandy Claws

Now, I was never too fond of glittery colors and tend to stay away from them.  Ashley makes such pretty glittery/sparkly shades that she might have turned me over!  I'm in love with most of the darker shades with rainbow sparkles.  And if I haven't mentioned it yet, her customer service is absolutely stellar.  I've spoken to her so much over Facebook message and she always responds really quickly.  The only issue I had with my package was not receiving the Pink Friday shade, but she told me it was a bright neutral - so I guess I'm okay with skipping out on that.

Exciting news - she just put up her Crystalline Affections collection up again.  It's a limited edition Valentine's collection celebrating the couples from various Final Fantasy games.  I never played those when I was younger, but I always appreciated the romantic storylines.  I picked a few of those up, so I'll have another review soon (maybe).  She also released her new Adventure Time collection!  Now this one I was super excited for because the show is really weird and chock full of colors.  I was hoping she'd have a shade after my favorite character, BMO, and she does.  I picked up a few samples from that collection along with the February subscription, so...there's going to be another review.  Heh.  So much for my no/low-buy, eh?

- Jolie ♥  


  1. I got a bunch of stuff from VD around Black Friday and experienced similar waiting times, unfortunately. But shipping delays aside, can I say that Mage Quarter is gorgeous? I got that as one of my gifts-with-purchase and I LOVE it. I'm fond of glitter though. :)

    1. Have you gotten your package yet? I'm not sure how the weather is in your area, but in NYC there have been on-and-off snowstorms and it's really screwing up USPS :( Mage Quarter is amazingly pigmented! I'm not sure what I was thinking when I added it to my cart (it's not a color I normally wear), but I'm glad I did! VDC really does amazing glitter/sparkle shades and I might order more :D

      What did you end up ordering?

    2. I'm in NYC too. But yep, I did get the package eventually! I didn't choose Mage Quarter (I said "surprise me" with the freebies) but it ended up being one of my favorites. I got samples and minis of too much stuff to list... I haven't been able to really try all of it yet. I'm particularly excited about the Sirocco collection though, which has a lot of sparkle but a few mattes too.

    3. I really love that she has a Sirocco collection! This is the only indie shop I've seen with an actual Miyazaki collection and I love them for it. I've put off getting Bus Stop for so long because I own browns, but I couldn't resist getting a color inspired by the adorable CatBus :)