Sunday, February 2, 2014

BFTE Cosmetics - Review and Swatches

Oops, I was hoping to have this up earlier than this!  Beauty From The Earth (BFTE) was a big indie company that had over 400 shades of eyeshadow.  Sadly, they closed indefinitely yesterday because the owner wanted to take a break from the industry.  I hadn't been too interested in this company before due to the lack of themes, but I knew a lot of beauty bloggers love the shadows.  I decided to try out a few samples and one full-size.  The full-size shadow I picked was a rose-gold called "Dusty Rose".  My order shipped out two days after purchasing.  However, USPS was being really crappy this month and delayed my order for a really long time and then claimed that I refused it at the door and sent it back.  We got it sorted out and I got my package to play with.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Dusty Rose
Dusty Rose:  beautiful shimmery rose gold.  This is very silky and pigmented.  I'm glad I got this as my full-size because I can never have too many rose golds!

Grape:  lavender with purple shimmer.  This is a color I normally don't wear, but it looked amazing in everyone else's swatches.  I just had to pick it up and it's really pretty.

Livid:  dark purple with red sparkles.  I wonder why I got so little in this sample jar, but it's okay.  This was the one I wanted most, but I was expecting more of a red color for some reason.

Spellbound:  shimmery cerulean blue.  I expected this to be a bit darker than my swatch, still a pretty color though.

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy:  olive green with gold glitter.  This was my free sample and I was so surprised at how much product was in this!  It's even more than my sample of Livid that I paid for.  Poison Ivy is extremely pigmented and glittery.  I was really impressed at the application.

Daylight:  Dusty Rose, Grape, Livid, Spellbound, Poison Ivy
Flash:  Dusty Rose, Grape, Livid, Spellbound, Poison Ivy

I was really impressed with the pigmentation and texture on some of these.  I'm a bit sad that BFTE closed and I'm kind of regretting not trying them out earlier.  I'm mostly sad that I missed out on their pre-order steampunk collection (whyyy :'( ).  I hope she brings it back and I'll gladly snap it up!

- Jolie ♥

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