Sunday, February 2, 2014

Notoriously Morbid Free Friday - Sneak Peek at Valentine's Collection

So if you guys didn't know, my New Year's resolution was actually to go on a no-buy.  That was completely broken by Notoriously Morbid's announcement of their Free Day Friday.  I promptly decided to change my resolution into a low-buy instead.  For their Free Day Friday deal, they were including a free full-size shadow of the new Valentine's collection that was being released (it's released now, called Little Melancholies!).  I picked up a few samples that I've been interested in and anxiously waited for my package.  When I received my package, I was really happy to see that she included shades from the V-day collection as my free samples :)

As usual, Carrie writes me a nice note.  I had told her I was breaking my no-buy for her beautiful shadows :)

No One Was Saved 
No One Was Saved:  shimmery gray-lavender with rainbow shimmers.  This is such a beautiful color.

Morgana:  beautiful cerulean with violet sheen.  This is my second sample; I had pressed the first one and wanted to see if it performed better loose.  This has a sort of sticky texture, I find that shadows with lots of ferric ferrocyanide go on stickier.  When you first apply it, the cerulean layer sticks on, and then the purple shimmer becomes more apparent with the second layer.  It's a very interesting and beautiful color; it's the best blurple I've ever seen!

Captivated:  THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GREEN THAT WAS EVER GREEN.  Seriously guys, get this NOW.  It's a gorgeous shimmery emerald green!  This is actually so beautiful that I accidentally (subconsciously?) ordered it twice!  I guess my mind somehow knew that I'd be needing more of this color haha..  I'll be pressing one sample and leaving one loose; I find myself actually getting at least a mini if I ever run out.  Carrie, if you're reading this, I love this color so much!

Cry Innocent
Cry Innocent:  pigmented matte cranberry with rainbow shimmer.  I actually received this shade as a free sample in one of my last orders, so I'll be keeping this one loose also.

13 Black Rainbows
13 Black Rainbows:  super pigmented matte black with tons of rainbow sparkles.  This is very pretty!

Walks in the Moonlight
Walks in the Moonlight:  metallic royal purple with rainbow shimmer.  This is part of the Little Melancholies collection and it's a very interesting color.  It seems like there's a slightly reddened base too.

Hearts of Black Lace
Hearts of Black Lace:  dark wine with red sheen.  This is absolutely beautiful and I gasped when I swatched this.  Because of this sample, I picked up a mini jar of it.

Forgotten Dreams
Forgotten Dreams:  beautiful and shimmery lilac with a red sheen.  This was my free full-sized jar from the deal.  It had the best texture of the bunch; it was silky and pigmented.  Thank god for this full-size or I would have had to pick it up too!

Swatches are done over bare skin (click to enlarge)

No One Was Saved, Morgana, Captivated, Cry Innocent, 13 Black Rainbows, Walks in the Moonlight, Hearts of Black Lace, Forgotten Dreams
Flash:  No One Was Saved, Morgana, Captivated, Cry Innocent, 13 Black Rainbows, Walks in the Moonlight, Hearts of Black Lace, Forgotten Dreams

The pictures don't do Morgana and 13 Black Rainbows justice.  Morgana is darker and more purple, while the sparkles in 13 Black Rainbows didn't really show up.  Forgotten Dreams photographed really well though, and you can really see the pink/red sheen in the flash picture.  

It's no surprise that I'm in love with Notoriously Morbid.  I got my hands on the Little Melancholies collection as soon as it was released.  I ordered mini jars of colors I was fond of from my samples, and sample baggies of the ones that I hadn't tried out yet.  I just love NM's shadows so much that I know there won't be a dud.  Stay tuned for the review of my V-day haul! 

- Jolie ♥

P.S.  Seriously, get Captivated right now!!!

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