Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wet n Wild Fall 2013 Beauty Army Trios - Swatches and Review

Welcome back everyone!  I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much (3 weeks, oh my!); I got all my wisdom teeth taken out two weeks ago and have been recovering.  All my Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders have started pouring in so I have a lot of catching up to do!

I'm reviewing Wet n Wild's Fall 2013 limited edition Beauty Army collection today.  This collection is supposed to be based off the military's camouflage gear with a colorful twist.  There are actually six trios in this collection but I only have five of them because the last one is a white/gray/black trio - which I feel like I already have a lot of.

Onto the swatches!  Everything is swatched in daylight with no primer:

Enlisting for Beauty
Enlisting for Beauty swatch
Enlisting for Beauty:  matte nude, satin dark brown, satin taupe.  This is the neutral trio of the collection and probably the most popular.  All of the shades were hard to pick up instead of soft and buttery like the normal WnW trios.  The matte nude and satin dark brown shade were very pigmented.

Spoiled Army Brat
Spoiled Army Brat swatch
Spoiled Army Brat:  satin dusty medium pink, matte coral pink, satin champagne pink.  I'm not a fan of pink eyeshadow, but this was the trio I wanted the most.  All the shades seem really beautiful and wearable.  The shades are all soft and pigmented; this is the best performing trio of the collection.

Zero Dark Flirty
Zero Dark Flirty swatch
Zero Dark Flirty:  matte light purple with silver microglitter, matte dark purple with silver microglitter, matte purple.  The first two shades were very pigmented, but the last shade (matte purple) was hard and sheer.

I Don't Do Camouflage
I Don't Do Camouflage swatch
I Don't Do Camouflage:  satin powder blue, satin black with blue microglitter, satin cornflower blue.  All the shades in this trio were soft and pigmented.

Soldiers in Charms
Soldiers in Charms swatch
Soldiers in Charms:  bright satin chartreuse, dark brown with gold glitter, satin army green.  The only pigmented shade is the middle (dark brown with gold glitter).  The satin army green shade is pretty though.

This collection was just okay, in my opinion.  Their other Fall 2013 collection - Runway Beauty, was much better in terms of quality and colors.  If you're not a die-hard WnW collector, then I would advise you skip this collection.  The only one I would say you should buy is Spoiled Army Brat, I don't think there are any trios in the permanent collection that comes close.

- Jolie ♥


  1. lol. I wanted the purple palette so bad, but when I finally found the display most of the good shades were gone. -.- *pouts*

    1. The purple one wasn't too great, to be honest. You'd probably like their permanent 8-pan palette in Petal Pusher more :)