Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Notoriously Morbid Mini-Haul - Swatches and Review

Here's another super late post!  It's another order from the amazing Notoriously Morbid.  I actually ordered this before the Black Friday sale because the color I wanted would be discontinued before the sale.  So yes, this haul is because of ONE color (it's that good).  

I was initially going to order just that one color, but I saw that there was a Blogger's Package that included one full-sized shadow and a few other samples.  I figured that was more bang for my buck, plus I get to try out some other colors!  I don't think you actually get to choose the exact shadows for the pack, but there is an option for certain shades such as, "mostly yellows, mostly reds, mostly browns, rainbow).  I chose the rainbow option because I'd rather have an assortment.  In my note, I asked Carrie if she can send me Hallows Eve as the full-sized (as that was the reason for my purchase) and to not include any yellows for my samples since I wouldn't use them.

When I received my order, I fell in love with the red and silver tissue paper; it's so beautiful!  She included a really nice note in my invoice and gave me two free samples :)

Now onto swatches!  As usual, these are taken in daylight with no primer (click to enlarge):

Snow Queen's Return
Snow Queen's Return swatch
Snow Queen's Return:  white with blue sparkles.  I'm so glad she included this!  It's a really pretty color; it doesn't really show up on the swatch much though.  In person, you can see the blue sparkles and it's gorgeous.

Stripper Zombie
Stripper Zombie swatch
Stripper Zombie:  light green with microshimmers.  This is a color I wouldn't normally buy, but I'm glad it was included.  I'll try to incorporate this color into some looks soon.  Most of the light colors don't show up much on my skin because I'm a bit tan - the colors are not sheer!

Pornographic Priestess
Pornographic Priestess swatch
Pornographic Priestess:  satin light pink.  Eek, this is one of the colors that don't show up on my skin because it's light!  It seems sheer, but it would show up better over primer.  The name also intrigues me and I wonder what series inspired it haha.

Tempest swatch
Tempest:  shimmery and pigmented light peach.  This color is really beautiful and I can't wait to wear it out!

Savage swatch
Savage:  shimmery blood orange.  This is another pretty color - I don't think NM can make ugly shades!

Gretel's Ghost
Gretel's Ghost swatch
Gretel's Ghost:  shimmery brown bronze.  This is a very nice neutral shade, I've used this once already and it's a great color for a brown smoky eye.

Cry Innocent
Cry Innocent swatch
Cry Innocent:  satin dark blackberry.  I actually saw a review where someone got this shade and I fell in love.  I was so glad to open my package and see this color inside; what a wonderful surprise!

Hallows Eve
Hallows Eve swatch
Hallows Eve:  looks brown in the jar, but applies greenish with multicolored shimmers.  Again, I can't describe this color well because it's so complex.  This is the first shadow I've gotten a sample of an absolutely needed a full-size once I swatched it!  That should show you how great this color is.  I seriously love this color and I'm so happy I got a full-sized jar before it got discontinued.

Mystique swatch
Mystique:  satin cerulean.  This was a free sample given to me by Carrie when she sent me a replacement for The Doctor's Wife that got ruined when I pressed it.  It's really pretty and captures the X-Men character pretty well.  However, I found this shadow a bit stickier and harder to blend, I don't know if it's because of the ferric ferrocyanide.  Against my better judgement, I ended up pressing it even though it already seemed difficult in loose form.  Turns out Carrie gave me a whole butt-load of product because it filled up the whole 26mm pan!  As I suspected, it turned out a bit hard and difficult to pick up color.  It's still usable though, if I use a sticky base.

It's worth noting that ferric ferrocyanide may be the reason for poor results with pressing.  Carrie has suspected that before with The Doctor's Wife.  I also pressed Cry Innocent, which contains FF, but it came out really well.  I think it's because there is not that much FF in Cry Innocent, whereas FF is the second ingredient in Mystique.

I'm extremely happy with my order though, and I'm wondering why I've waited so long to order random color packs.  Since I'm so backed up on posts, I actually received my Black Friday order so a review should be up soon!

- Jolie ♥


  1. Pornographic Priestess is from the Magical Mystery Collection, which is based on Beatles Songs :) P.P. is a lyric in I Am The Walrus.

    1. Oh haha, thank you! I would have never guessed :D I'm going to go look at that collection again just to see if I recognize any songs now!