Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November Ipsy Bag - Glam It Up

Once again I'm late for an Ipsy post :/  The November theme was Glam It Up and included six products.  

The bag is a gold faux crocodile skin bag that can double as a clutch.  Very cute!

Kiss Ever EZ lashes

Nailtini in 'Caviar Cocktail'

Em Cosmetics Waterliner in 'Amazing Greys'
Em Waterliner:  I received the color in Amazing Greys, which is a gunmetal gray color.  I actually bought the Waterliner in black and was not impressed at all.  It's not creamy or pigmented and took a LOT of swipes on my waterline to get any color pay-off.  In my opinion, this product is overrated and overpriced and is not smudge proof at all.  Save your money.

Starlooks Gem Pencil in 'Amethyst'
Starlooks Gem Pencil:  I have received other Starlooks products before, but this is the first eye product.  The color looks purple to the naked eye, but once it's swatched, you can definitely tell that it's a metallic light purple.  It's creamy and pigmented, so I will try to find a way to use it.

Pixi Beauty Bronzer in 'Subtly Suntouched'
Pixi Beauty Bronzer:  This is too light for me to use as a bronzer, however it is very soft.  This bronzer is also slightly pink toned, so I will try to use it as a highlighter.

Be A Bombshell lip pencil in 'Shameless'
Be A Bombshell:  Fuchsia with silver glitter.  This is a jumbo lip pencil and I love those things!  The silver glitters feel a little gritty though, and the formula actually makes my lips peel after awhile.

Amazing Greys, Amethyst, Subtly Suntouched


Overall, I have very mixed feelings about this month's bag.  The bag itself was cute, and I was actually hoping for the other Nailtini color which is a rose gold.  The Pixi Beauty Bronzer and Starlooks Gem Pencil were very good products, whereas Em's Waterliner was another huge disappointment.  Bear in mind that I had already tried the Waterliner in another color and yielded the same results.  The liner also came twisted up half an inch and unable to twist back down.  Just save our money ladies, and find a better eyeliner for your waterline.

- Jolie ♥


  1. i like the bombshell lip pencil the best! but i think the tip of the pencil is too thick though

    1. Did you get the same color? I normally LOVE jumbo lip pencils but the glitters were a bit gritty on my lips :/ I agree that the tips are too thick; it's hard to get a clean edge especially for a red lip.

  2. Those lashes look cute! Thanks for reviewing the Ipsy bag. I tried it out last year and unsubbed because I was disappointed in the products.

    1. Oh really? I subscribed this summer because everyone kept saying the products were getting better :) Honestly, I really subscribed because of the cute bags. I use them to organize my makeup and some of them seem cute enough to use as clutches! I'm so behind on the December bag, but it's my favorite yet :D