Tuesday, December 24, 2013

First Victorian Disco Cosmetics Order!

Yay for my first ever Victorian Disco Cosmetics haul!  I'd been wanting to try this indie company for so long!  Their eyeshadows are all organized by collections based on geeky things like World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, Miyazaki, etc.  I actually ordered awhile ago, and while their TAT was 2-4 weeks then, it actually took 3 weeks for them to ship out.  It was within the TAT, but a lot longer than I'm used to waiting.

I ordered the Blogger Package, that includes two mini jars and six sample sizes for $6.50.  I also ordered a full-sized jar that was on sale and the owner, Ashley, kindly included two free samples with my order.

My order came wrapped in purple tissue paper with a cute Hello Kitty sticker - the same sticker was also stuck onto my invoice.  I asked for a picture of Totoro and Doraemon having a tea party with a Pokemon guest thrown in.  Ashley definitely delivered - look how cute it is with Pikachu hiding behind Totoro ^_^

Here be swatches - taken in daylight with no primer (click to enlarge):

Sin'Dorei:  beautiful shimmery golden nude.  It doesn't show up against my skin much because it really matches my skin-tone haha.

Health Pack
Health Pack:  light metallic orchid

Kirin Tor
Kirin Tor:  matte lavender.

Queen Beryl
Queen Beryl:  shimmery burgundy.

Nightwalker:  matte grass green with violet shift.

Daylight:  Sin'Dorei, Health Pack, Kirin Tor, Queen Beryl, Nightwalker
Flash:  Sin'Dorei, Health Pack, Kirin Tor, Queen Beryl, Nightwalker

Shadowform:  matte blackened purple.  This was my free sample; I didn't realize because my order took awhile to arrive so I was confused as to why I ordered this color haha.

Spacey Wacey
Spacey Wacey:  dark navy with multicolor sparkles.  The sparkles don't show up well with no primer, but it looks stunning on the picture site.

Undercity:  matte navy with blue sparkles.  This was my other free sample.  I used this once as my crease color and the blue sparkles really show up wonderfully!  However, I noticed that my free samples seem to have less product than normal samples.  I didn't mind much because I wasn't planning on pressing this and Shadowform due to ultramarines.  I ended up putting them into jars and using them loose.

Keeper of the Forest
Keeper of the Forest:  matte gray.  I honestly got this color because it's inspired by Totoro :)  I also got this in a mini-jar because I wanted the Totoro sticker haha.

Zug Zug!
Zug Zug!:  matte brown.  I had to get this in a full-size jar because it was going to be discontinued so it was on sale in one size.  I don't regret it because it's a pretty versatile color.  Also, my fiance who used to play WoW chuckled at the name haha.

For the Horde

For the Horde:  matte red with gold sparkles.  I really wanted this color because I'd been into reds lately.  This did not disappoint, it's a really pigmented red!

Daylight:  Shadowform, Spacey Wacey, Undercity, Keeper of the Forest, For the Horde
Flash:  Shadowform, Spacey Wacey, Undercity, Keeper of the Forest, For the Horde

I'm pretty happy with my order and I'm especially impressed with the matte shades.  I'm actually really lucky that all the colors I chose for jars were mattes because I tend to press my samples and mattes pretty really horribly.  The thing that put me off a bit was how little seemed to be inside the sample baggies even though it's supposed to hold 1/4th tsp of product.  I just hope it's enough to press into 26mm pans.  I made another order on Cyber Monday, so I'm really looking forward to getting that!

- Jolie ♥


  1. I've been dying to find out whether the mini jars come with the cute top labels & you've finally confirmed that they do. I really can't resist cute/cool/weird sticker labels that Indie brands do but I didn't know if I wanted to get full size jars for all the billions shadows just so I can have pretty jars. & I want so many from Victorian Disco Cosmetics various collections so I'm glad I can now just pick up the mini sizes & still get the awesome stickers. & I can't wait to see what you ordered from their Cyber Monday haul.


    1. I didn't realize mini jars came with top labels! I think on the website it states that they don't come with a sticker so I was pleasantly surprised :)

      I don't know when my Cyber Monday haul will be coming in. I had to put an order over Facebook message since the site kept giving me an error. I'm not sure if I still get a shipping email because of that, or maybe my order hasn't been processed yet :x She's discontinuing so many colors though; you should buy the ones you like soon!

  2. So was it enough for the 26mm pans? I brought some samples recently and am hoping the same thing...

    1. Yeah, there's definitely enough product to at least cover the bottom of the 26mm pans without any pan showing through! I'm not sure about the darker blues (Undercity, Shadowform); I didn't press them because they contained either ferric ferrocyanide or ultramarines (bad for pressing!), and they seemed to contain less product than the other baggies.

      I would recommend potting darker blues/purples into jars instead of pressing. Good luck!