Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics - First Impression (Swatches and Review)

Merry Christmas everyone!  I have a short review for you today of my first order from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics.  They are an indie shop that only has a website on Etsy right now but it's fairly straightforward and easy to navigate.  I actually wanted to try this shop for the longest time because of their cute packaging.  Full-sized eyeshadows used to come in a unique triangle shaped jar and sample sizes come in little glass vials called 'Trial Vials'.  The owner ended up changing up the jars and now it comes in a tall round jar.  All full-size jars are decorated with beautiful drawings designed by the owner.

Even though I know I can never use up a full-size eyeshadow, I knew I had to have one for the jar and design.  The owner told me that she still had some triangle jars left, so she can give me that instead of the new jar :)  I chose a full-size of Y So Sirius and ten Trial Vials for $1 each.

Shipping was extremely quick and the goodies arrived in a small box as opposed to normal bubble mailers.  People used to complain about the sifter on the triangle jar because the holes were tiny (salt-shaker like); I ended up throwing out the sifter and dipping my brush in.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge):

Y So Sirius
Y So Sirius:  satin brown with red tint

Peacock Blood
Peacock Blood:  beautiful shimmery dark purple

Sanguine:  shimmery burgundy

Mythic:  shimmery purple with silver glitter

Smooze:  beautiful light blue with a pink/purple sheen

Dayligh:  Y So Sirius, Peacock Blood, Sanguine, Mythic, Smooze
Flash:  Y So Sirius, Peacock Blood, Sanguine, Mythic, Smooze

Kid You Not (far left)
Kid You Not:  intense matte red with microshimmer.  Sorry for the messy swatches, but I took these before pressing and Kid You Not got completely ruined in the process.  I'm unable to provide an updated swatch for this one since I may or may not repurchase this.

Hirundo:  shimmery pink

Rose Gold
Rose Gold:  gorgeous shimmery rose gold

Phoenix Tears
Phoenix Tears:  shimmery pink-toned peach, similar to Rose Gold with a bit more pink

Cirrina:  shimmery pinky copper, can also pass off as Rose Gold with a bit more copper

Flounce Cat
Flounce Cat:  shimmery pinky white gold

Daylight:  Hirundo, Rose Gold, Phoenix Tears, Cirrina, Flounce Cat
Flash:  Hirundo, Rose Gold, Phoenix Tears, Cirrina, Flounce Cat

I liked all of these colors!  The website shows beautiful eye and arm swatches, so I highly recommend checking it out.  Kid You Not is no joke!  It is a true red eyeshadow and it's amazing.  However, I would advise against pressing it because it got ruined when I pressed it.  I'll probably end up buying another vial of that color and putting it in a jar.

Rose Gold, Phoenix Tears, and Cirrina were all similar in that rose gold range.  I actually like that because people have different opinions on what rose gold truly is.  Some people like it more on the pink side and some like it more on the copper side.  I think if you get all 3 colors, you will definitely find the perfect rose gold for you.  

Trial Vials also contain a butt-load of product.  It states that it's 1/4tsp like Shiro, but when I was pressing these, the shadows seemed never-ending.  The shadows themselves are extremely good quality - they're soft and very pigmented.  I cannot recommend this store enough!

- Jolie ♥


  1. That red shade looks amazing! I will definitely check out this company I love finding new Etsy sellers!

    1. It really is! The name suits it perfectly because that red is no joke! I really have to stress on not pressing the red though. It's such an intense and gorgeous color; it would be sad for you to ruin it like I did.

      I highly recommend getting the Trial Vials, they're so full of product! She also ships really quickly, so you wouldn't have to stalk USPS too much ;)

  2. I've been umming & ahhing for a while debating whether or to get the trial vials because as adorable as they are they seem super tiny but you've just persuaded me that it's worth it. I hope she still has a few of the old style jars too as they are so beautiful & unique & I hope to get one or two as well. I would have never thought to check out 'Kid You Not' as bright reds are not particularly my thing but I just love your swatch so much I'm definitely going to pick up a vial. Though I'm particularly after 'Hedgerow' as I've heard it's a great dupe for Sugarpills Chromalust in 'Lumi'


    1. The trial vials are SO full of product! I think you should only get one of the old jars because the sifter is a bit annoying. The holes are tiny (as some people have said 'salt-shaker') and it sucks to pop it off as I wasted a lot of product that way. They're still nice to get for collections sake though :)

      Kid You Not is insane!!! It's so amazingly pigmented with no effort at all! I don't know how I'll be using it but I really couldn't resist the swatch she had on her shop.

      I really, really recommend Scaredy Cat; they ship really quickly so you get to enjoy your goodies sooner :D If/when you get your order, you should swatch them too! I also wanted to thank you for your comments throughout my blog. They were wonderful and I love reading them and knowing I'm helping you ^_^