Monday, January 7, 2013

E.L.F. Nail Polish in Glamour Girl and Cherry Bomb

I recently received some nail brushes I had just purchased online and decided to try and "spice up" my nails this week.  I know a french manicure isn't exactly anything special but it was my first time doing an actual complete look.  I'd tried once before with disastrous results, so I decided to use a nail brush for the tips.

Elf's Glamour Girl with Cherry Bomb tips (Flash)

Glamour Girl with Cherry Bomb tips (Natural lighting)

 The second picture shows Glamour Girl's true color.  It's a very beautiful dusty gold color with tiny gold sparkles/glitter.  Even though the color itself was extremely gorgeous, the formula was so terrible and thick.  It applied EXTREMELY gritty and looked like sand on my nails after a couple of coats.  You need more than one coat for maximum opacity, except more coats = more sand.  It was just a really horrible formula to work with.

Cherry Bomb was a lot easier to work with (since I had a nail brush).  The color was quite good, but needed a few coats also.  I did not expect a red to be that sheer, but that didn't affect the application.

Bottom line:  Glamour Girl is a great color, but terrible and gritty formula.  Would not recommend.
Cherry Bomb is a nice color, needs more testing for a full review.

Hope this helps you guys!

- Jolie ♥

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