Sunday, January 13, 2013

E.L.F. Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick Swatches and Reviews!

Is it just me or are you guys as excited about the first in-depth product review as I am?  I know I've promised these for weeks now, ever since my elf hauls, but I wanted to wait until I finished buying so I can do reviews on complete sets.

This review is going to be on Elf's Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks.  This is a relatively new product, and it's from the Essentials line but costs $2 each instead of the traditionally $1 for their other products.  They currently have 8 colors on their website and I own 6 of them.  The other two colors I skipped out on because one was nude and another I decided would not suit me after reading other blogs for swatches.

These come in twist-up tubes so you won't have to waste any product with sharpening. They also have a minty toothpaste-y smell to them, but doesn't bother me, so stay away if you can't stand that.

Left to Right: Pink Umbrellas, Sangria Starters, Coco Loco, Movie Star, Tiki Torches, Summer Nights

Swatched on my hand (left to right): Pink Umbrellas, Sangria Starters, Coco Loco, Movie Star, Tiki Torches, Summer Nights

If you are deciding on whether or not to get these, keep in mind that the last two colors (Tiki Torches and Summer Nights) are shimmery.  They have a LOT of tiny specks of glitter; you can't feel them on your lips but they're definitely noticeable if you wear them out.  It casts an almost frosty appearance because of them. 

Onto the lip swatches!

 My normal lip color with clear chapstick/lip balm 

 Pink Umbrellas: baby pink color

Sangria Starters: light brick red color, one of my favorites of the bunch

 Coco Loco: Light brown

 Movie Star: rich red color (it looks hot pink in the picture but it's definitely darker in person), my other favorite

 Tiki Torches: very glittery orange/peach color

Summer Nights: very glittery light brown/pink color

These are one of my favorite elf products ever.  They're actually favorites because of their misnomer.  They're called lip glosses, but are actually more like lip balms.  If anyone knows me, then they know I'm OCD about chapstick.  I always have one on hand and apply religiously throughout the day.  

As soon as I applied these, they were extremely moisturizing on my lips and I fell in love.  They aren't sticky because they're not lip glosses which makes it even better.  They act extremely well as a tinted lip balm.  Their color pay off is great; they are pigmented but also buildable.

I prefer these over elf's actual "lip treatments" which look like Softlips.  I tried those out and they were way too oily and felt like the product just sat on my lips instead of seeping in and moisturizing (they also broke me out around the lips).  I would definitely repurchase these for their colored chapstick effect.

I usually wear these alone because they are pigmented enough, and give your lips a MLBB (my lips but better) look.

Bottom line: Moisturizing and pigmented, definitely a must-have if you love lip balm.  Skip if you actually wanted lip gloss instead.

- Jolie ♥

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