Sunday, January 13, 2013

French Manicure Using L.A. Colors

I finally get to do a review on a non-E.L.F. nail polish!  I decided to give a french manicure another try (after being persuaded by a friend about how easy it is and watching many tutorials).  I only used a base coat, top coat, and an L.A. Colors nail polish in 'French White'.  I decided to skip out on a light pink polish because my top coat is exactly that, a very sheer light pink.

It came out better than I expected but still difficult and tedious to do.  The formula was not good; it was thick and streaky.  I applied two coats of the white polish because it streaked like crazy and formed uneven lumps.  I had originally intended on not using a top coat because I change polishes so often, but I felt I had to to even it out.

L.A. Colors only costs $1 at my local Family Dollar but it's cheap for a reason.  Maybe it would fare better if I used it over the whole nail so I will hopefully do another review if I ever do so.  But I'm definitely going to try and find another stark white polish even if it costs a little more.

Bottom line: Inexpensive but thick and streaky formula.  Would not recommend.

- Jolie ♥

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