Saturday, January 12, 2013

E.L.F. Nail Polish in Garnet

Hello guys, it's time again for a nail polish review!  This week I tried out ELF's nail polish in Garnet.  It's a beautiful shimmery oxblood/burgundy/wine color that's perfect for the season!  It's one of my new favorite colors and I've been craving for all things burgundy colored so I'm glad I found this little gem.

Garnet with flash

As usual, with different lightings you get slightly different colors, such as their nail polish in Copper appearing both gold and rose gold depending on my lights.

Here is Garnet in my camera's 'vibrant' setting which tends to show off colors more intensely.

As with all full-sized elf polishes, this bottle was $2.  Garnet can come off as either a dark plum, or true oxblood/burgundy.  I absolutely love the way it looks on my nails.  However, for such a dark polish, I needed 2-3 coats for the color to achieve opacity.  The polish wasn't sheer by any means, but darker colors make bald spots more apparent, plus one coat was definitely not enough for this.

The formula itself was pretty standard; not too thick and not too watery.  It was just right, but the brush itself is a little too big for my nails so it created quite a mess around the edges.  Nothing nail polish remover couldn't fix!

The lasting power of this was normal for elf polishes: very good.  I usually change polishes every week and only notice minor, if any, chips.  I would say elf's polishes are consistent on their staying power and they never disappoint.  Bear in mind that I do use at least one coat of top coat with each new polish application.

Final verdict:  Beautiful color, long-lasting, would definitely recommend.

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- Jolie ♥

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