Monday, June 15, 2015

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Mini-Haul Swatches

I've been a horrible blogger, I've been having writer's block for awhile and my work has kept me super busy so this post has been in my draft folder for months.  It's my small Femme Fatale haul and I'm glad that I'm finally getting to it!  Femme Fatale is an indie company based out of Australia and famous for their stunning duochromes.  This was my first order from them and I actually hopped on with several other users in the states to split our shipping. 

Pictures taken in daylight and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Moonglow:  icy blue with gold duochrome.  This was my free sample and reminded me of Notoriously Morbid's Nothing is Trivial shadow, I hope I can compare them later in time.

Beware the Snowman
Beware the Snowman:  white with blue and pink sparkles.  As a lover of snowmen (and Christmas), I had to get this one even if I don't use whites very often.  I think this will be great as an inner corner highlight.

Desecration:  plum with strong green duochrome.  This was really pretty and reminded me of Notoriously Morbid's LE shadow, Book of Shadows.  I haven't swatched them yet but I really hope they are dupes because that's one of my favorite shades from NM and will be very sad if I ever use it all up.

Exorcism:  purple with pink shimmer and green sheen

Wizards Only, Fools!
Wizards Only, Fools!:  dark brown with copper and red shimmers.  I got this because I swatched it once at the NYC IMAM meetup and knew I'd like it.  Plus I'm pretty sure it's a reference to Adventure Time, which I enjoy as well.

Moonglow, Beware the Snowman, Desecration, Exorcism, Wizards Only Fools!

- Jolie ♥

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