Monday, June 15, 2015

Dark Matter Makeup Solar Sailors Swatches!

Oh my godddd, I have had this post sitting in my draft box for months.  I'm sorry everyone!  These are the swatches of the Solar Sailors collection from Dark Matter Makeup!  There are currently ten shadows in the collection, one for each soldier and an additional one for Chibiusa.  This collection features quite a bit of purple shadows because that's the owner's favorite color, and I also have a swatch of their Aurora Borealis highlighter.

Pictures taken in daylight and swatched over Notoriously Morbid Shadow Bind (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Usagi:  lavender with gold shimmer.  Usagi was one of my least favorite characters in the series and it sucked more because she was the main one :(  That's probably the reason why I never got into the first series too much (plus the age difference with Mamoru was weird considering she was in middle school and he was in college...)

Ami:  blurple with gold and green shimmers.  Sailor Mercury!  

Minako:  mustard yellow with slight pink sheen.  Sailor Venus!  Yellows aren't really my thing, but I thought the pink sheen on this was really cool.

Rei:  shimmery blackened red, great pigmentation over regular primer.  Sailor Mars!  She's one of my favorite characters because she's strong and beautiful.  Even if she weren't, I can't deny my love for reds ;)

Makato:  metallic silver.  Sailor Jupiter!  Interestingly, I expected this to be a green because of her coloring, so I'm curious to know why silver was chosen.

Usagi, Ami, Minako, Rei, Makato

Hotaru:  purple with pink sheen.  Sailor Saturn!  Another one of my favorites because I thought she had a cool staff and abilities.

Michiru:  mint with coral sheen.  Sailor Neptune!

Haruka:  pigmented sandy brown.  Sailor Uranus!  I don't really wear many neutrals, but I really like this color!

Setsuna:  blackened red with gold and red shimmers.  Sailor Pluto!  She's another favorite (I swear I only have three!) and I can see myself using this beauty to deepen outer corners.

Chibiusa:  blackened purple with red sparkles.  Rini might actually be a character I dislike even more than Usagi, but this color was inspired by her dark form, Black Lady and I found her infinitely more interesting and likable that way.

Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis:  golden shimmer highlighter with red sheen

Hotaru, Michiru, Haruka, Setsuna, Chibiusa, Aurora Borealis

- Jolie ♥


  1. I feel like these colors really don't fit the Sailor Scouts... They are nice, but the theme baffles me...

    1. That was sort of the general consensus when this collection was first released. I had to agree as I see the scouts with their primary uniform colors, but I see why the owner would want to deviate from that. She also said her favorite color is purple, which is why there are so many in this collection. You can check out Geek Chic Cosmetics' take on Sailor Moon as well because they also have a full collection :)