Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baroque Cosmetics First Impression Swatches and Review

Hey everyone!  I finally got to try out Baroque Cosmetics after hearing so much about them and picked up a lot of eyeshadow and blush samples!  Since it's an intensely picture heavy post, I'll just get right to the swatches :)

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Confetti Candy
Confetti Candy:  white with red, gold, and green sparkles

Dragon Bones
Dragon Bones:  satin oat with silver sparkles

Death of Marat
Death of Marat:  shimmery silvered taupe

National Razor
National Razor:  charcoal base with tons of pink sparkles.  This shadow was sheer over regular primer so a sticky base is definitely recommended.

Sky:  metallic olive gold with blue sparkles

Versailles:  metallic gold (free sample)

Confetti Candy, Dragon Bones, Death of Marat, National Razor, Sky, Versailles

Dovah:  basil green.  I found this color very patchy, especially over a sticky base.

Dragon:  seafoam green with gold microshimmers.  As you can tell from the swatch, this shade is sheer over regular primer.

Bathhouse:  shimmery red with gold sparkles

Dictateur Sanguinaire
Dictateur Sanguinaire:  beautiful shimmery burgundy.  I was actually very impressed with this shade because it was pigmented over regular primer.

Masquerade:  white gold with silver sparkles.  I bought this color mainly because the name reminded me of the masquerade scene from The Phantom of the Opera which I love so much.  It does work well as an inner corner highlight.

Compass Rose
Compass Rose:  shimmery orange copper.  I know it's supposed to be a true rose gold, but in my opinion, it came off as way too orange to be considered rose gold for me.  It looks more rose gold in the swatch, but in person was a tad more orange.

Dovah, Dragon, Bathhouse, Dictateur Sanguinaire, Masquerade, Compass Rose

Team Roses
Team Roses:  sparkly rose gold with gold sparkles.  This is more rose gold in my opinion even though it looks very pink it the swatch.  

Pumpkin Queen
Pumpkin Queen:  dark pink copper with purple shimmers 

Team Chocolate
Team Chocolate:  shimmery brown with gold and red microshimmers

Spooky Chic
Spooky Chic:  royal purple with gold and red sparkles.  This one definitely needs a sticky base!!!

Tight Tights
Tight Tights:  emerald green with gold sheen

Team Roses, Pumpkin Queen, Team Chocolate, Spooky Chic, Tight Tights


Klimt Eastwood
Klimt Eastwood:  shimmery honey yellow.  I put my hair back and had almost no makeup on to showcase the blushes better, so please excuse the haggard face...  Klimt Eastwood is a very yellow blush, and if you were to use it on its own, you should use a light hand.  Thankfully, my skintone is already pretty yellow, so it blended in more but I still tried not to use a lot.

Truly Bradley Deeply
Truly Bradley Deeply:  shimmery orange.  I actually really liked this blush on me!  It gave me more of a glow and didn't look too out of place because of my yellow undertones.

Mucha Ado About Nothing
Mucha Ado About Nothing:  gorgeous pale coral with gold sparkles.  I normally wouldn't go for this type of blush because I already have a few similar colors, however, I really enjoy Much Ado About Nothing, so I had to get it!

Sonrel Not Sonrel
Sonrel Not Sonrel:  orchid pink with pink shimmers

You're So Crane
You're So Crane:  dark purple with pink shimmers

Not That Tiffany
Not That Tiffany:  shimmery scarlet

Klimt Eastwood, Truly Bradley Deeply, Mucha Ado About Nothing, Sonrel Not Sonrel, You're So Crane, Not That Tiffany

So my first impression with Baroque Cosmetics was okay.  The eyeshadows have a light and fluffy formula and I was disappointed with a good amount of them because they didn't seem to work well over regular primer.  They had less adhesion than I was used to with eyeshadows.  However, I really enjoyed the blushes.  There are a wide range of colors and I wanted to get ones that I didn't have in my collection, hence the yellow and purple.  They blend easily into the skin and can be layered.  I definitely see myself reaching for the blush samples often and if I run out, I might consider actually buying a full size.  I look forward to more blushes in the future.

- Jolie ♥

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