Friday, June 19, 2015

1UP Box VILLAIN vs Loot Crate COVERT March 2015

I've been so so behind on reviews and I'm really sorry :(  I've had these pictures in my folder for months now and are just now posting them, so hopefully I'll catch up by tonight.  Today's short post will be the unboxings of March's 1UP Box and Loot Crate!

1UP Box

Joker Tee:  I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be the Joker holding a can of Coke.  It's a pretty simple shirt and I appreciate that it's black instead of some garish color.

Harley Quinn Keychain:  A mini Funko Pop keychain!  I think this is super cute and will put this with my other Funko Pop figures.

Legend of Zelda Wallet:  It doesn't look like it, but it is a wallet and you have to fold it in half.  I'm not familiar with the Zelda series so I'm not sure why Link looks evil, but it's pretty cool and sturdy.

Whoopee Cushion:  If you don't know by now, whoopee cushions are things you blow up then sit on to make farting noises.  I didn't test this out since I will be giving this to my coworker's kid and didn't want to put my mouth all over it.

Darth Vader Playing Card:  Pretty sure this is a sticker but still pretty cool.

Link Poster:  This is a mini poster and comes in various colors so I'm glad I got the red one.

Loot Crate 

James Bond Shirt:  Cute shirt playing on his "Shaken not stirred" catchphrase.  One of our vets found it funny the first time I wore it.

Covert Magazine

Spy Mad Libs:  I was contemplating on keeping this one because I used to love Mad Libs when I was younger, but I'll probably pass this along.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. replica badge:  Since I don't watch the show I'll pass this along as well.  The badge is definitely sturdy though.

Parachute Chord:  This is some kind of survival parachute chord and I'm not exactly sure how to use it...

Stealth Watch:  This watch only lights up when you press the side buttons, otherwise the face just appears matte black.  I'm not exactly sure why someone would need this, but I'll give it to my coworker's kid who might have more fun with it.

Blank Notebook

Orphan Black comic

Boo Key Topper:  This was my favorite thing in the box since I love Boo!  I was super happy to see this and immediately put it to use.  It's still on my key as of today but the chain does come off a lot, so I have to be careful not to lose him.

Covert Box:  The box folds out to a laptop, a spy laptop perhaps?  Like I've said before, I love Loot Crate boxes because they're always really creative and it's like an extra item.

- Jolie ♥


  1. I didn't know there were Orphan Black comics! I'm gonna need to hunt these down now!

    1. I feel so bad for not watching Orphan Black yet! I really need to find the time to start this series since everyone seems to love it :P