Friday, June 19, 2015

1UP Box HERO vs Loot Crate FANTASY April 2015

I'm super excited to be sharing April 2015's boxes because one of the themes are my absolute favorites - Fantasy!  I'm so happy Loot Crate is doing a fantasy theme because I've always loved that genre growing up so this box did not disappoint at all.  1UP Box's theme was Hero and we got a Funko Pop figure in it!

1UP Box

Captain America Funko Pop:  I love receiving Funko Pop figures since I don't have many.  I'm not a fan of Captain America but I don't mind adding him to my collection.

Mario Batman Shirt:  This month's shirt featured a Mario Batman crossover with the bat signal being replaced by a Toad signal.  Slightly awkward crossover, but I like both Mario and Batman so couldn't complain much.

Legend of Zelda Triforce Necklace:  This necklace came in three different colors and I happened to get the gold one.  I like the pouch it comes in too.

Heros Iron Patch:  This iron on patch has several silhouettes of heroes, unfortunately I have no use for this so I will be passing it along.

Batman Key Topper:  I already have a Boo Key Topper from last month so I may not use this one, but I'm definitely keeping it.  There was also a Superman Key Topper; I'm glad I got Batman instead.

Spiderman Air Freshener

Loot Crate

Harry Potter Luggage Tag:  The infamous Platform 9 3/4.  I'm not an HP fan so I'll be passing this along.

Dungeons & Dragons Shirt:  I was actually confused as to what it was referencing but I love the logo.  It's very minimalistic and sexy.

Dungeons & Dragons Bow Tie:  I don't actually wear bow ties, but this one is so geeky and cute that I'll find some use for it!

Inflatable Crown:  Yes that is a crown.  It may not look like it because I'm giving it away and didn't want to put my lips all over someone else's property lol.  I'm not sure why Loot Crate put this in because it's very childish.

Princess Bride Playing Cards

Game of Thrones Magnets:  Wooo, magnets from the four noble houses!  There should be more noble houses, but these are currently at war right now.  I'm a fan of the show so I did like them a lot.

Direwolf USB:  This is even better!  This is a USB shaped like the direwolf sigil from Game of Thrones.  It's pretty well made and just all around awesome.  I'm keeping this one for life.

Fantasy Magazine

Official Loot Crate Member card

Loot Crate Box:  How cool is this box?!  The box this month was actually reversible, and when you reversed it, it has fantasy designs all over.  There's a map, sword, crest, and much more.  I'm currently keeping the box reversed because I love it so much more than the normal black design.

I really loved this month's Loot Crate because they really hit the fantasy mark.  The reversible box was the icing on the cake.  I also enjoyed 1UP's Hero box; it just fell short because I'm not a fan of many heroes ^^;

- Jolie ♥


  1. Loved this style of post, I've been tempted to sign up for the 1up box. I like how you have shown the items included :)


    1. Thank you! I really like 1UP box as well as the others. I've been thinking of cancelling one to save some money, but I always enjoy receiving them :x