Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shiro Cosmetics: Eyeshadow and Intertube Swatches and Review

I'm back everyone!  So sorry for the months long hiatus, but I was concentrating on summer classes, internship, and graduation.  I'm happy to say I have finally graduated and only have to focus on my internship and blog :)

Anywho, this post is about an independent company I've recently discovered called Shiro Cosmetics.  My lovely friend introduced me to this company because we are both makeup junkies with a geeky side.  Shiro Cosmetics prides itself in being a blend of both geekery and makeup.  I decided to get a bunch of their eyeshadows and lip products in sample sizes ($1/ea. and $1.80/ea., respectively).

WARNING:  This post will be picture heavy, so turn away if a million pictures annoy you.

Order came in this cute little bubble mailer

The owner, Caitlin, adds free candy and samples with every order :)

All my shadow and lip samples in tiny baggies.  I also ordered two full-sized products.
The first product I'll be showing you are the lip products called Intertubes.  They are named after various memes on the Interweb.  Intertubes are a combination of lip balm/ lipstick/ lip stain.  The consistency and pigmentation varies with every color.

Shoop Da Whoop

Shoop Da Whoop:  bright orange-red - thicker, more opaque.  It's one of my favorite colors and is super flattering on me.


Trololo:  sheer orange - very sheer, oily consistency, looks patchy (up close) when layered

Why Not Zoidberg?

Why Not Zoidberg?:  coral-pink, perfect color for zoidberg - sheer and oily

Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat:  fuschia/magenta with orange shimmer - sheer, beautiful wash of color on the lips

Three Wolf Moon

Three Wolf Moon:  strong cinnamon scent, deep shimmery berry - oily consistency with good color payoff, can be built up to full opacity, no cinnamon taste. I enjoy this sample more than others with the same oily consistency because of the beautiful color payoff.

Ridiculously Photogenic

Ridiculously Photogenic:  magenta - oily consistency, sheer but delivers a good color payoff, similar to Three Wolf Moon when applied lightly


Magnets:  dark plum with silver shimmer - oily consistency, good first step into the vampy look, shimmers are more apparent than in other colors, applies pretty patchy and uneven (still a pretty color though).  Not pink-toned like the other colors.

Yo Dawg

Yo Dawg:  magenta with purple shimmer - thin/oily consistency, sheer coverage, shimmer is not apparent


Smashing:  lavender-mauve shade - semi-thin texture, moderate opacity, looks more light-pink toned with a hint of lavender on lips

Over 9000

Over 9000:  dusty mauve - similar to Smashing but lighter, semi-oily consistency, semi-opaque; can definitely be built up to full opacity, does not look as light as the picture shows, very unflattering on me with flash on but looks less bright and wearable without flash


Rickrolled:  dark carrot-juice orange with gold shimmer - love this color, semi-oily consistency, good color payoff

Numa Numa

Numa Numa:  light carrot orange color with a lot of gold shimmer - very oily consistency, sheer coverage, goes on streaky because of oiliness, only gives subtle color as my natural lip color shows through

Replaced some full-faced Intertube pictures to better show the colors.  Also included individual eyeshadow swatches.

Phew!  That's the end of the Intertube pictures; now onto shadows :)

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

TARDIS swatch
TARDIS:  I knew I had to get this color since I'm a big fan of Doctor Who.  This was a runner up for Color of the Month, which means I could only buy it full-sized ($6, I believe).

Color:  Vibrant TARDIS/cobalt blue with green shimmers of the control room

I'll Move That For You
I'll Move That For You swatch
I'll Move That For You:  This is part of her new Minecraft collection.  Shiro sells sample sized, mini jars, full-sized, and collectors cube jars which I could not resist!

Color:  beautiful blackened purple with bright purple shimmer - color is closer to swatch picture than picture in jar but shimmers are more noticeable in jar

Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees
Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees swatch
Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees:  mossy green with lots of rainbow sparkles


Ganondorf swatch
Ganondorf:  beautiful dark brown with red shimmers

Master Ball
Master Ball swatch
Master Ball:  sheer lavender with a satin finish.  I had to apply this multiple times to get color payoff.

Daylight:  TARDIS, I'll Move That For You, Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees, Ganondorf, Master Ball
Flash:  TARDIS, I'll Move That For You, Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees, Ganondorf, Master Ball

Repel swatch
Repel:  sheer silvery blue

Evolve swatch
Evolve:  vivid cobalt blue with silver sparkles.

Task Force
Task Force swatch
Task Force:  pigmented plum

Day of Reckoning
Day of Reckoning swatch
Day of Reckoning:  dark purple, one of my favorites

Heart Attack
Heart Attack swatch
Heart Attack:  sheer brick red

Daylight:  Repel, Evolve, Task Force, Day of Reckoning, Heart Attack
Flash:  Repel, Evolve, Task Force, Day of Reckoning, Heart Attack

Twilight Realm
Twilight Realm swatch
Twilight Realm:  silvery gray with blue sparkles

Philosopher's Stone
Philosopher's Stone swatch
Philosopher's Stone:  sheer red, had to be layered for good color payoff

beautiful rose gold color
Mushroom swatch
Mushroom:  beautiful shimmery orange copper.  This is very, very similar to rose gold and has a great texture.

Lingered in Twilight
Lingered in Twilight swatch
Lingered in Twilight:  beautiful black base with emerald shimmers.  The emerald shimmers show up a lot more in person; this color is a must have.

Attercop, Attercop
Attercop, Attercop swatch
Attercop, Attercop:  black base with blue shimmers.  Also very beautiful and a blue counterpart to Lingered in Twilight.

Daylight:  Twilight Realm, Philosopher's Stone, Mushroom, Lingered in Twilight, Attercop Attercop
Flash:  Twilight Realm, Philosopher's Stone, Mushroom, Lingered in Twilight, Attercop Attercop

Overall, I am a very satisfied customer.  The customer service is amazing and the owner is super sweet.  I will definitely buy more eyeshadows because I've pressed all my samples into pots.  

What do you think of Shiro?  If you have tried it already, what do you think of them?

- Jolie ♥


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    1. I'm glad I helped; thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hello! I have begun to purchase samples from various Indie companies. I am excited to try them. I would like to know how you pressed your samples into pots. Do you find that the e.l.f. primer works just fine? I am researching primers and binders now.... Thank you!

    1. Hi there! I actually have a tutorial on my blog for pressing samples (I don't currently have the link, but if you search for "tutorial", it should pop up). Unfortunately, the ELF primer is very inconsistent, I liked it when it was more creamy and dry, but the last few tubes I've gotten have been very watery and didn't prevent creases.

      The one I use every day is Wet n Wild's Fergie eyeshadow primer, it's a bit under $5, I believe. Then I top it off with a sticky base before patting loose shadow on top. Let me know if it helps!