Friday, October 18, 2013

Oslo Cosmetics - Swatches and Review

I have been dabbling more and more into indie makeup companies; I find their quality excellent and love how you can also order sample products rather than only buying full-sized products you may or may not like.

I recently discovered a new company called Oslo Cosmetics.  They sell everything from eyeshadows, cream bases, lip products, and glitter.  The owner, Joyce, is a really nice girl and has excellent customer service; I've emailed her a few times and commented on their facebook page and have gotten really quick responses.

This is the first order I made and it was shipped the next day and I received it before the weekend.  How amazing is that?  I ordered the Blogger Pack for $10, which includes 4 full-sized shadows which retail for around $5-6 each.  I chose Carinae, Taurus, Monstrum, and Grus; Joyce also gave me Vela as a free sample.

Carinae:  I bought this initially because I had been searching for a perfect rose gold eyeshadow.  It seems to have great hints of pink in the jar, but applies light gold on me.  It's a beautiful color nonetheless so I am very happy.

Taurus:  This is described on the site as a "metallic gold".  It is a dark gold that reminds me of colors used in Steampunk costumes.  Extremely pretty and creamy.

Monstrum:  This blood-red shadow is from her Halloween collection.  I had also been looking for a blood red shadow so picked this up after looking at the swatches.  It applied more like a burnt orange/rust on me.  I still love it as it is very striking when used alone all over the lid.

Grus:  A beautiful sapphire blue.  This was the color that I was excited to get alongside Monstrum.  I was so surprised at the beauty inside the jar; pictures do not do it justice.  Grus was not as pigmented as the other colors and took another layer or two to achieve the full striking color, but that did not faze me.  The result color alone makes it worth the purchase.

Vela:  A brown-green duochrome that seems more red in pictures for some reason.  This is a beautiful color and had wanted to add into my cart but took it out as I thought it may be close to a duochrome shade in the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette.  I was extremely surprised and thankful that it had been given as the free sample :)  I swatched this along with the Comfort Zone shade for comparison.

Now if you notice, the jars aren't as full as other indie companies offer, and the shadows also tend to clump up into little balls.  That is because of the binder that is used in the shadows to make it more creamy and pigmented.  I had read in a reddit thread that the binder also makes the shadows slightly waterproof also, which is a huge plus.

Here are some swatches done on my arm with no primer (remember to click pictures for a better view!):

Carinae, Taurus, Monstrum, Grus, Vela, WnW duochrome shade

Flash:  Carinae, Taurus, Monstrum, Grus, Vela, WnW duochrome shade

Grus, Vela, WnW duochrome shade
Vela vs. WnW duochrome:  At first glance, the colors seem extremely similar.  However, when swatched, it becomes clear that Vela is brown with green duochrome and the Wet n Wild shade is more red with blue duochrome.  The WnW shade also seems more pigmented here because I accidentally grabbed too much on my brush.  Vela and WnW are both insanely pigmented and I recommend both.

Here are some looks I did with the beautiful shadows:

Daylight:  Grus on lid with Taurus in the crease
Flash:  shows the intensity of Grus
Flash:  a better view of Taurus in the crease
Look how gorgeous Grus is!
Can't really see the colors when I open my eyes, but I smudged them slightly on the lower lashline.

Daylight:  Carinae on lid, Monstrum on crease
Flash:  You can sort of see the distinction between Carinae and Monstrum
Flash:  They make a really nice bronze smokey eye
You can't really see the colors on me because I'm sort of tan already.

As you can see, Oslo shadows are insanely pigmented and really creamy.  They're a dream to apply and the jewel tone colors are even more beautiful.  I'm so happy with all of my products and would recommend it to everyone.

As a sidenote, Oslo is looking for models for her company.  Models have to submit various looks created from her products, so if you are interested, you should message her on her Facebook page here.

Good luck everyone, and let me know what you think of Oslo if you have tried it!

- Jolie ♥


  1. the color on the eye shadows looks super beautiful ! xoxo
    luxury beauty.

    1. Thank you! The shadows really are gorgeous :)