Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fyrinnae - Eyeshadow Reviews and Swatches!

I feel like whenever people think of indie eyeshadows, they automatically think of Fyrinnae.  Fyrinnae seems to have been around for awhile because I know I've heard of it for years, especially their Arcane Magic Eye Shadows.  Arcane Magic Eye Shadows are shadows that change color in different lights, which are now more widely known as "duochrome".  

I decided to buy 3 sample shadows (including one Arcane) and a sample of their famous Pixie Epoxy glitter glue.  I really wanted to get a sample of Mephisto which seems to be a complicated purple, blue, and red all together.  Too bad it was currently not for sale due to complaints (not sure who would complain about such a beautiful shadow!), but it may come back on sale in November.

Anywho, here come pictures - remember to click to enlarge:

Flash - 4 shadows and Pixie Epoxy

Rapunzel Had Extensions
Rapunzel Had Extensions:  pale pink with lots of gold shimmer; it's very beautiful and reminds me of Nars' Orgasm blush (if anyone has both the shadow and blush, please let me know if they are similar!)

Gilded Wings
Gilded Wings:  I got this as a free sample so there was a lot less product given to me.  It's a beautiful metallic gold color that's super pigmented.

Steampunk:  This is the first Arcane Magic Eye Shadow that I've tried.  There were other colors that I would have chosen but I felt as though I had similar shadows in my collection already.  Steampunk is a dark brown base with gold and purple shimmer.  I swatch everything with a regular primer, so I feel like this color would perform infinitely better over Pixie Epoxy.

Purgatory:  Being a huge fan of Dante's Inferno and Goethe's Faust, I really wanted to try this color and Mephisto.  Since Mephisto wasn't for sale, I had to settle for the dark blood-red Purgatory.  This is a black base with loads of red shimmer.  As with Steampunk, I think this would look great over Pixie Epoxy.  

Daylight:  Rapunzel Had Extensions, Gilded Wings, Steampunk, Purgatory
Flash:  Rapunzel Had Extensions, Gilded Wings, Steampunk, Purgatory

Here is a look I did with Purgatory all over my lid and blended out into the crease:

Flash - I also smudged Purgatory on my bottom lashline

Overall, my first experience with Fyrinnae was alright.  I forgot to mention that their current TAT is 30-36 days which is extremely long even for an indie company.  However, they shipped my package 3 days after my order and I received it within the same week!  How amazing is that?

I would most likely order from Fyrinnae again when I run out of their Pixie Epoxy sample and if they have Mephisto back up for sale.  I can't say whether or not I'd recommend this yet because I feel like I haven't tried their more beautiful shadows.  Hopefully I will post another review when/if I make a second order someday.

Let me know if you've tried Fyrinnae before, and if you have, which shadows would you recommend to turn me into a definite fan?

- Jolie ♥


  1. Hi Jolie! Beautiful look :) If you give them another go I recommend Velvet Vampire, Serendipity and Fire Opal :D Ooo and definitely try them over pixie epoxy - you'll be amazed :D Great post!

    1. Thanks Estelle! I was actually looking at Velvet Vampire too, but I figured I'd try out with one red eyeshadow at a time :P I think I'll hold off on Serendipity and Fire Opal for awhile since I have a good amount of taupes and golds already. I'm trying to go for more jewel-tones but I will definitely take those colors into consideration!

      You know what I find interesting? It seems like every indie company can do golds right! Golds always go on metallic and pigmented for me. I wonder if it has something to do with gold pigments in particular.

  2. Ah, I adore Fyrinnae! It was the first indie makeup I ever tried. Definitely the words "indie makeup" make me think of Fyrinnae!

    1. Wow, I'm really surprised you checked out my blog! I love seeing the looks you create!! ^_^ And yeah, before I got into indie makeup, Fyrinnae was the only one I heard of from rave reviews. Are there any particular colors you would recommend? I really want to love them as much as everyone else does!

      Thanks again for reading :D

  3. holy moly, ur eyelashes are so long!! whats ur secret!... u know, besides good genes

    1. Thank you! I actually use a lash growth serum called Careprost. I apply it to my lashes every other night and it definitely makes a difference :)