Friday, October 18, 2013

Geek Chic Cosmetics: Review and Swatches

Geek Chic Cosmetics is an indie makeup company that was shown to me by my geeky friend.  Similar to Shiro Cosmetics, Geek Chic is aimed at a sci-fi loving audience.  Their eyeshadow sets are inspired by some of the most popular science fiction shows such as Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Firefly, etc.  They also have Harry Potter and Zelda themed shadows.

Their full-sized shadows retail for $6, while samples in clamshell containers go for $1.25.  They often have a Set of the Month deal where one set of eyeshadow go for half-off per month.  I made my order during the Zelda month.  Their turnaround time then was 7 days (excluding weekends and holidays); they shipped out my package on the 7th day and it arrived to me around 3 days later.

This is what I had ordered, one full-sized Zelda themed eyeshadow and six samples.  As you can see, they come in little clamshell containers and have stickers of the name and ingredient on them.  However, I found the clamshell extremely messy whenever I opened and closed the containers so pressed the shadows instead.  The stickers have been peeled off and stuck onto the palette that now holds my shadows.

I had asked the company to send me some stickers because I loved their sticker designs.  However, stickers only come with full-sized containers and I was missing out since I was buying samples.  Geek Chic graciously sent me loads of stickers with a personal thank-you on my invoice.

Pictures taken in daylight and swatches done over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Daylight:  Bad Wolf & Wolf of the Nothing

Daylight:  Faithful Student, Everybody Lies, Ambassador, Madness

Twilight Princess
Twilight Princess:  described on the site as "gunmetal/green duochrome" - it took a few layers to show up but it came off pretty matte even though there are shimmers.  I like that; it would be a really nice everyday color.

Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf:  light shimmery lavender shade.  One of my favorites of the bunch, surprisingly.  I mainly got it for the name, as I like Doctor Who and I love wolves.  I'm not fond of lighter colors, but when I first put it on my lid, I fell in love.  It's such a gorgeous light purple; the picture does not do it justice.

Wolf of the Nothing
Wolf of the Nothing:  described on site as "deep eggplant purple with green interference with purple and green sparkle".  It showed up charcoal with green and silver glitters.  I know I definitely messed it up while pressing so I may order another one.  The swatch on the site would probably show a better color.

Faithful Student
Faithful Student:   beautiful shimmery blue-violet shade.  This is from their Pwny Tales collection that was discontinued, but I believe they still carry some colors separately.  I definitely recommend this one; it's gorgeous and closer to the daylight color.

Everybody Lies
Everybody Lies:  black shadow with a LOT of green glitters.  This one is my other favorite, it's just extremely beautiful.  It looks emerald when applied.

Ambassador:  described on site as "plummy-maroon with gold sparkle".  It comes off as a shimmery dusty rose to me.

Madness:  described as "deep wine with multicolor sparkle".  It seems to be a shade darker than Ambassador, but both are very similar.  Both can be used as a soft rosy smokey eye.

Daylight:  Bad Wolf, Wolf of the Nothing, Faithful Student, Everybody Lies, Ambassador, Madness
Flash:  Bad Wolf, Wolf of the Nothing, Faithful Student, Everybody Lies, Ambassador, Madness

All in all, I really like Geek Chic Cosmetics.  I had no problems with their shipping and they sent me a lot more stickers than I expected :)  The eyeshadows were beautiful too and applied great.  I can't say for certain how they look applied when loose, but after pressing the shadows and applying it, they seemed to have a foiled effect on my lids.

If you are going to buy samples from them, I definitely suggest depotting them into a jar or pressing them.  Opening the clamshells very carefully is no problem, but when you close it, a dust of shadow fly out which is both messy and wasteful.

I hope this review has helped you.  Let me know what you think of Geek Chic Cosmetics!

- Jolie ♥


  1. i have wolf of the nothing loose and idk if its any different but the green interference really mostly comes in if you mix it with a powder transformer or primer to make it more of a cream shadow, kind of like the pigment in solid snake. doing that and blending it with loose powder has always been my favourite results. you can do the same thing by mixing it with a clear coat nail polish for a really neat green/charcoal shifting sort of polish

    1. I usually use Wolf of the Nothing with Everybody Lies because they make such a beautiful smoky eye together! I have yet to get Solid Snake because I feel like I have so many dark shadows with blue shimmers already, but I hear so many rave reviews that I may have to change my mind.

      I've actually thought about changing some samples into beautiful nail polish (mostly for Shiro shadows though, because they give free samples) - but I've been a little lazy and put it off hehe. I'm thinking of doing that once I accumulate enough free samples that are doubles of what I already own, and getting an inexpensive clear polish at the drugstore (Wet n Wild sells one for $1 :D). Thank you for your suggestions though!