Friday, October 25, 2013

Oslo Cosmetics - Eyeshadow and Lip Slicks Review and Swatches

My second Oslo Cosmetics order has finally come!  I'm in love with this company and raved about their products in my first post here.  I made my second order within days of receiving my first after seeing more swatches.  I ordered two blogger packs this time because I really wanted to try their new Lip Slicks.

After contacting Joyce about tweaking my order to include Lip Slicks instead of eyeshadows, she was really generous and sent me more than I had asked for!  I'm already prepared to make my third order since I've convinced myself that I need every single shadow that Joyce puts out.  I'm excited and waiting for her to release her Game of Thrones collection this weekend!

My order, with lids off
I received five full-sized shadows, two shadow sampes, one glitter sample, and four Lip Slicks in mini jars.  Be prepared as this post will be REALLY picture heavy.

Daylight Bulb:  Nebula
Flash:  Nebula
Nebula:  blacked base with blue shimmer - goes on very dark and is a great crease color

Daylight Bulb:  Serpens
Flash:  Serpens
Serpens:  gorgeous blue/violet with blue glitter; I was the most excited for this color because of various swatches but it went on patchy for me because of the glitter

Daylight Bulb:  Orphicus
Flash:  Orphicus
Orphicus:  blackened base with green shimmer; the amount of shimmer makes the shadow go on as a beautiful emerald

Daylight Bulb:  Hydra
Flash:  Hydra
Hydra:  steely blue-toned gray, goes on very beautiful and creamy.  I love this color as it reminds me of Payne's Grey.

Daylight Bulb:  Crux
Flash:  Crux
Crux:  green-toned gray, it's a very interesting color especially when put next to Hydra.  The green tones become more apparent next to Hydra's blues.

Daylight Bulb:  Ara
Flash:  Ara
Ara:  beautiful brassy red; I had really wanted to get this color in a full-size but I'll probably order it next time.  I really like this color; it's gorgeousness is evident in the swatch below.

Daylight Bulb:  Lyra
Flash:  Lyra
Lyra:  beautiful plum-lavender, it applies very creamy and pigmented.  I had only ordered this because of someone else's swatches as I'm more into darker colors.  This turned out to be one of my favorite shadows in my order and was also a bit sad about getting a sample size.

Daylight Bulb:  Nadir 
Flash:  Nadir
Nadir:  orange/gold sparkles, needs glitter glue or tacky base to stick

Daylight Bulb:  Nebula, Serpens, Orphicus, Hydra, Crux, Ara, Lyra, Nadir
Flash:  Nebula, Serpens, Orphicus, Hydra, Crux, Ara, Lyra, Nadir

Here's a look I did today with some of the beautiful shadows:

Daylight:  Hydra on lid, Nebula on crease

Flash:  Hydra on lid, Nebula on crease


Don't worry everyone, I did not forget about the Lip Slicks :)

Daylight:  Medusa
Flash:  Medusa
Daylight lip swatch
Flash lip swatch
Medusa on lips with the Eye of the Day
Medusa:  dark plummy color - it has an oily consistency so it was hard to layer.  Because of the oiliness, the pigmentation was not too good and it accentuates dry lips and flakes, but it is a good vampy color for beginners to try out.

Daylight:  Aurora
Flash:  Aurora
Daylight lip swatch
Flash lip swatch
Daylight Bulb:  Aurora on face
Flash:  Aurora on face
Aurora:  beautiful orange red; it's a very bright color but a great alternative to the many blue-toned red lipsticks out there.  

Daylight:  Odetta
Flash:  Odetta
Daylight lip swatch
Flash lip swatch
Daylight:  Odetta on face
Flash:  Odetta on face
Odetta:  warm and wearable hot pink.  The consistency is creamy and moisturizing.  It's the one that applies most like lipstick.  Odetta is very pigmented and probably my favorite Lip Stick of the bunch.

Daylight:  Hibiscus
Flash:  Hibiscus
Daylight lip swatch
Flash lip swatch
Daylight:  Hibiscus on face
Flash:  Hibiscus on face
Hibiscus:  light peachy pink color in the jar but shows up as a light pink on the lips.  It has a creamy consistency and is quite pigmented.  It's a great nude or MLBB color on me.

I'm very happy with my Oslo order and even more excited to try out the other colors.  I was already a fan of their eyeshadows since my first order but I got to try the Lip Slicks this time.  I liked all of them except Medusa.  I'm not a huge fan of oily lip products; I like products that are creamier and feel like a balm.  I think for my next order, I will try some of their blushes since they also look very beautiful :)

- Jolie ♥

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