Thursday, October 15, 2015

1UP Box JUSTICE vs Super Geek Box ULTIMATE PIXELS vs Loot Crate HEROES 2 July 2015

Whoop whoop, time to play blog catch up again!  I have several subscription box posts that I've had sitting in my drafts for awhile and it's about time I publish them lol.  


Super Mario and Power Rangers crossover shirt

Wonder Woman Wind Up Toy

Ninja Turtles Pencil Topper

Batman Sunglasses

Nerdy Temporary Tattoos

Star Wars and James Bond Crossover sticker

1UP Box Justice Pin


Awesome Nintendo Shirt

Awesome Ultimate Pixels Pin

Giant Nintendo Controller Mousepad

Ghost and Pac Man Plushes

Space Invaders Candy Tin

Pixel Glasses

Mario Dogtag

Mario Stickers

Loot Crate HEROES

Batman Q-Pop Figure

Wonder Woman and Rosie the Riveter Crossover Poster

Multitool Batarang

Zelda Sweatband

Spock Air Freshener

Brawlhalla Game Code

Regrettable Superheroes book

Heroes 2 Magazine

Heroes 2 Pin

Loot Crate Reversible Box

- Jolie ♥

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