Monday, April 27, 2015

Notoriously Morbid Diablo Lip Rouges and NEW Lipcraft Glosses Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!  I'm excited to share my review of the new highly anticipated (at least to me) lip products from indie brand Notoriously Morbid.  Along with a revamped website came several new Coffin Kisser scents, Lipcraft Lip Gloss colors, and all new lipsticks called Diablo Lip Rouges.  We also got a wonderful surprise in the form of the Black Friday 2014 limited edition set, "Murder of Crows" being made permanent.  I had purchased the set when it was released and loved the colors, unfortunately, they were packaged in square jars that were prone to leakage.  

I bought the collection again after the website opened in different sizes, so I could depot the older colors in and avoid spillage.  Carrie generously upgraded my set to full sizes and threw in a custom Notoriously Morbid pen as well!  There seem to be several different pen colors so I'm glad I received red :)  Since I have already swatched the Murder of Crows set here, I will not be showcasing them in this post and instead choosing to highlight the wonderful new releases.

Pictures taken in daylight and swatched over bare skin

Moonless Night and Freshly Squeezed
Moonless Night:  heavily vanilla scent with a tiny hint of coffee.  This is one of new Coffin Kissers inspired by Twin Peaks.  I don't think the formula actually changed, but for some reason these new balms feel a lot more creamy and moisturizing to me.  I had mentioned several times before that Coffin Kissers don't work for my lips particularly because they're very thin and sit on top of my lips.  My lips always need something thicker and more waxy, similar to Chapsticks.  However, I'm really liking these balms so I'm wondering if my lips have adapted or something.

Freshly Squeezed:  extremely realistic grapefruit scent with noticeable tartness.  I love citrus-y scents so this was a no brainer.

Fluffy Bunnies and Hello Sweetie
Fluffy Bunnies:  chocolate marshmallow scent.  This was a limited edition release and is usually not my style, but I'm a hoarder and really wanted the label! 

Hello Sweetie:  beautiful rose scent, slight hint of passionfruit.  This is inspired by River Song from Doctor Who and she's my favorite character!  I usually like rose scents, but I realize a lot of companies overdo it so I tend to stay away.  However, it's not overwhelming here and is very enjoyable.  I didn't realize this since my order was quite large, but Carrie threw this in for free as well and I cannot thank her enough!  (River Song is the best character and I don't care what anyone else says.  She'll always be awesome in my book and her story always makes me sad :( )

Euphonious Locution Lipcraft Glosses

Dalliance:  semi sheer warm pink with silver and pink shimmers.  This round of Lipcraft glosses are inspired by beautiful sounding words (and beautiful colors, in my opinion).  They are all semi sheer and frosting scented.  Dalliance is very soft and pretty on its own, but would be wonderful topped over a lipstick.  The arm swatch shows two swipes and the formula of these glosses are creamy and moisturizing.  I love them.

Erstwhile:  moderately opaque dark coral with pink and gold shimmers.  This was frosting scented as well and arm swatch shows two swipes.  I think this shade is great because it's not extremely sheer, looks great on its own, and would pair nicely for any Spring looks.

Serendipity:  sheer purple with strong blue duochrome.  As with the other glosses, this was frosting scented, but required three swipes in the arm swatch.  This was the most intriguing shade out of the bunch for me and I was so excited to try it on.  Since it's a sheer gloss, it doesn't show up too much but does make my lips cooler toned and would pop well over a lipstick.

Euphonious Locution Glosses:  The glosses are all frosting scented and require at least one coat on the lips to show up.  Some are a bit more pigmented than others and can stand alone without a lipstick underneath.  The formula is creamy, moisturizing, and not sticky at all.  The packaging is very beautiful.  It comes in a rectangular plastic tube with a matte cap and a mirror on one side.  I found the mirror to be quite blurry, so I use my other mirrors instead.  I would definitely recommend these glosses if you're looking for a shimmery sheer lip color.

Diablo Lip Rouges

Paradisio:  moderately opaque cool toned pink.  This shade was very creamy and comfortable.  I'm usually scared of cool pinks like these because my skintone is too warm and dark to pull it off.  However, this shade goes on semi sheer in one coat which makes it wearable for me and is opaque in two coats.  The arm swatch shows two swipes.

Legion:  opaque paradise pink with gold sheen.  The texture was a bit harder than Paradisio's but definitely not dry and still comfortable on the lips.  This stunner is opaque in one coat, but my arm swatch still shows two swipes for consistency.  It's probably my favorite out of the three lipsticks because of the texture, pigmentation, and the insanely beautiful gold sheen.  The gold sheen is hard to see in the pictures, but it's there and so much more prominent in person.

Lucie:  opaque matte currant.  This has the dryest formula of the three and can tug on the lips during application.  NM recommends putting a balm underneath, as do I.  Like Legion, it's opaque in one coat, but two swipes are shown on the arm for consistency.

Diablo Lip Rouge:  I'm generally happy with the lipsticks but cannot compare them equally as each lipstick had different textures.  The order I had them in my post (Paradisio, Legion, and Lucie) were actually from most comfortable to most drying.  I found Legion to be a happy medium, texture wise, as I found it dry enough to stick on my lips but also creamy enough to be comfortable throughout the day.  There are more colors coming, but I love what NM has put out so far.  I think between all three colors, there's something for everyone.  Their opacity also ensures that you won't run out of them anytime soon, so that's a huge plus.

Dalliance, Erstwhile, Serendipity, Paradisio, Legion, Lucie

As usual, I was very happy about all my lip products.  For NM's first foray into lipsticks, I think they did an amazing job and knew it must have taken months of research and testing to put this out.  As for glosses, they still hold the title for being my favorite indie lip gloss formula, so that hasn't changed.  I am curious about testing Serendipity over several different lipstick shades though, so maybe one day if I finally catch up to all my backlogged posts and have some free time, I may try that out haha.  For now though, I'll keep my eyes peeled for any new lip colors that NM releases and hope you find something you like in this post.

- Jolie ♥

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