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Notoriously Morbid Black Friday 2014 Murder of Crows Set - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!  It's starting to get really cold here in NYC, so I tend to snuggle in bed on my days off instead of blogging.  As a result, most of my posts are back-logged, including this Notoriously Morbid review.  Over Black Friday weekend, they released a limited edition set called Murder of Crows, inspired by The Crow.  I've never seen the movie, but I think I might have to because the names are incredibly interesting.  The set was released in two waves, the first wave purchasers received a year long discount code (mine was 30% off!) and the second received only the set.  A GWP shadow inspired by Youtube entertainer, Jenna Marble's, dogs was also released if you bought over a certain amount.  

A few more things were released to coincide with the holidays as well, since NM wasn't doing a holiday release this year aside from the Vanishing Cabinet.  A new Lipcraft gloss called Sparkle Horse, a trio of lip balms called Santa Kissers, and a special lip balm called Krampus Kissers were released as well.  Since I am a hoarder and I love all NM products, I bought them all.  I also picked up one of the CotMs that I was missing to complete my collection.

Onto the swatches!  (Note:  This is the first time I've taken swatches with my DSLR, so please be gentle.  I'm still getting the hang of focusing on the right parts and getting sparkles to show up.)

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom half)

Cermet & Paesh
Cermet & Paesh:  shimmery blue silver wtih multicolored sparks.  This shade is semi sheer and took a bit to build up but works beautifully as a lid shade or inner corner highlight.

Yellow Moon
Yellow Moon:  shimmery pale yellow.  This was a Color of the Month and is no longer available.  If I recall correctly, a portion of sales also went to a charity.

Christmas Apocalypse
Christmas Apocalypse:  lavender with pink sheen and gold sparkles.  As you can see, this was marked as a Morbid Mistake, which means it was a color that NM didn't intend to make but was too pretty to chuck.  I think it's beautiful, but I did note unblended white pigment in the baggie.  The pigment didn't show up when I swatched the shadow and blended well with the rest of the colors.  I ended up buying another sample off someone just so I had more to use.

Daylight:  Cermet & Paesh, Yellow Moon, Christmas Apocalypse

Murder of Crows

Cool label art

Nothing is Trivial
Nothing is Trivial:  beautiful pale blue with strong gold sheen.  We got a sneak peek of this color in the Halloween set and I was blown away.  It's such a beautiful color that absolutely glows.  

Battalions of Sorrow
Battalions of Sorrow:  satin nude pink with slight blue sheen.  This applied a bit patchy over a sticky base and I've seen other reviews where bloggers said this color was advertised as a matte white/ivory?  It's definitely a nude pink for me over a sticky base, but without the base then I could see more of an ashy white coming through.

Thirty Hours of Pain
Thirty Hours of Pain:  matte dusty rose with pink shimmers.  This color is so pretty!  I might have similar colors in my collection, but I'll just keep buying them because I can't resist.

It Can't Rain All the Time
It Can't Rain All the Time:  beautiful satin purple base with strong blue sheen.  OKAY, I don't know how NM manages to keep topping their colors.  While I was swatching, I felt like I like the next color even more than the last, and bear in mind, I was already super in love with the first color.  It Can't Rain All the Time glows just like Nothing Is Trivial.  I had a hard time describing this color because it's a bit too blue to be called blurple, but there's so much more than just a simple blue.  Ugh, I really don't know how to describe it *_*

Degrees of Death and Virtue
Degrees of Death and Virtue:  absolutely gorgeous dark base with tons of blue and green shimmer.  I. Love. This. Color.  Seriously guys, this is my favorite out of the whole collection and I'm so freaking glad I left it for last.  I was so stunned that I ran out of the room to show my fiance how beautiful it was.  I would absolutely wear this over a sticky base because it sticks the blue and green shimmers.  I don't think I have any words to describe how much I love this color.  This is definitely going into my all-time top favorite NM shades!

Daylight:  Nothing is Trivial, Battalions of Sorrow, Thirty Hours of Pain, It Can't Rain All the Time, Degrees of Death and Virtue
I have to say, this was a really beautiful collection!  I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know how spot-on the references are, but color-wise, I was definitely blow away.  Now onto the cons...  If you hadn't noticed yet, NM decided to use square jars for this set and those have been notorious for leaking and causing messes all over.  I've experienced these terrible jars before and have had product gather up into the threads of the jar and leak when I'd open and close them.  These jars were no different; I had to do a bit of cleanup and managed to save a good amount of shadow.  I'll have to keep these jars upright though, in order to prevent the leakage again.  It might be easier to just put it in other jars, but I really like the label art hah.  

My last two points are very minor quips.  Firstly, the set was supposed to come with a fake(?) crow's feather, just as a nice little touch.  I didn't get any, but I assume it's because the ladies were super swamped with all their orders.  It's not a big deal at all, but it was a cool thing to see in everyone else's pictures.  Secondly, I love almost all the colors in this collection except for one.  You can probably guess, but it's Battalions of Sorrow.  It's not terrible or bad quality, just something I wouldn't normally use, and I was a bit put off by the patchiness.  Again, not using a sticky base would fix the problem right up, but I used it today and it barely showed up on me because of my skin tone.  I'm not quite sure how to use this in the future, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.  

Lip Products

Sparkle Horse
Sparkle Horse:  sheer rosewood with gold shimmers; brown sugar scent.  When NM first posted a sneak peek of this lip gloss, I was ecstatic.  I love NM's lip gloss formula and I've loved most of their colors so far.  The color in the photo looked like a dusty pink with tons of gold shimmer.  However, the product ended up much darker than what I expected and the sparkles don't show up on my lips much.  It definitely pulls very brown on me and browns usually flatter me, but this gloss is sheer enough to look odd on my lips.  I do really love the scent though, Carrie tells me it's brown sugar but I swear I'm picking up a nutty scent as well!  I like taking this tube out just to smell it and I hope that doesn't sound too weird.

Santa Kissers

Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cookie:  snickerdoodle scented.  So I've mentioned a few times how Coffin Kisser formulas don't work for me, yet I still buy them because they smell so darn good.  I also have a soft spot for Christmas themed products and scents, so when NM announced they were releasing a limited edition lip balm trio for the holidays, I was over the moon.  The special tubes sold it for me too.

Gingerbread Cookie
Gingerbread Cookie:  gingerbread scented; reminds me of ginger snaps, which is essentially the same thing.

Mint Chocolate Truffle
Mint Chocolate Truffle:  mint chocolate scented

Krampus Kissers

Cinnamon Banana
Cinnamon Banana:  cinnamon banana flavored.  Now this isn't part of the Santa Kissers collection, but was released on the same day.  It's inspired by Krampus, and I believe he punishes naughty children or something.  Cinnamon banana seems like a scent I would really hate, but surprisingly, they work really well together!  I like the tingle it gives my lips.

Whew, finally done!  The set and Kissers aren't available anymore since they were a limited release, but if NM puts leftovers up for sale, I definitely recommend picking them up.  I know the balm formula works on so many people, so the fun, new flavors are worth it.  And really, if somehow Degrees of Death and Virtue is put up for sale again, don't think, just buy.  You won't regret it.  (And if you do, I'll probably buy it from you :P)

Stay warm, everyone!
- Jolie ♥

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