Thursday, January 29, 2015

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy January 2015 - Swatches and Review

Welcome back, everyone!  I would also like to welcome back Innocent + Twisted Alchemy!  They took a few months off during the holiday season because Linda works retail and it's extra stressful for her during that time.  The holidays are over now, so January marks the return of the subscription boxes.  I'm excited to share that the samples have been switched to jars instead of clamshells!  As you all know, I absolutely HATE clamshells and they really put me off from re-using my I+T colors (which is a damn shame because her colors and texture are amazing).  Now that they're in jars, I know I'll be reaching for them more :D

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom half)

Majestic Life
Majestic Life:  buttery sandstone with blue sparkles

Breathtaking Wonders
Breathtaking Wonders:  shimmery blush with violet sparkles

Splendor of Life
Splendor of Life:  steely blue with gold sparkles

Illusionary Stars
Illusionary Stars:  dark base with tons of blue and silver sparkles.  This one applied a bit patchy over a sticky base.

Wintertide:  shimmery sky blue with pink shimmer.  This was included as a bonus sample because some other companies' samples didn't make it in time.  Wintertide was an exclusive color made for AFK Cosmetics' Advent Calendar 2014, so I'm very glad to be able to receive this.

Pendulum of Life
Pendulum of Life:  slightly green tinted pebble.  This was another bonus Linda included from her new collection inspired by the Saw movies.  The texture of this was buttery and smooth.

Daylight:  Majestic Life, Breathtaking Wonders, Splendor of Life, Illusionary Stars, Wintertide, Pendulum of Life
Flash:  Majestic Life, Breathtaking Wonders, Splendor of Life, Illusionary Stars, Wintertide, Pendulum of Life

Copper:  beautiful shimmery copper.  This was a sample from Mad Lab Cosmetics, I've been eyeing this brand for awhile because they're science themed and that speaks to me.  The texture was great and pigmented.

Thoughts are Stars
Thoughts are Stars:  shimmery gray with silver glitter and red sparkles.  This was a sample from relatively new store Beauty for the Win.  

Sailor Pluto
Sailor Pluto:  beautiful blackened green with red sparkles.  This was a sample from now closed company Victorian Disco Cosmetics.  It's a gorgeous shade but definitely needs a sticky base to shine.

Daylight:  Copper, Thoughts are Stars, Sailor Pluto

Bonus EOTD

Splendor of Life (lid) and Illusionary Stars (outer v and crease)
Hello Waffle's It's Mauvelous gloss on lips

Overall, I'm happy that Innocent + Twisted sub boxes are back, and even happier to know that the samples will be in jars from now on.  However, I found this month's colors to be a bit...monocromatic?  They all seem very cool toned and I feel like I've gotten similar colors in previous boxes.  I still think the eyeshadow formula is amazing, but I'd like to see more variation in color for future boxes.

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