Thursday, January 15, 2015

Life's Entropy Cosmos Lipsticks - Swatches and Review

I have a very exciting review for you guys today!  Over the holidays, Life's Entropy released the Cosmos collection - a set of five beautiful, high-quality lipsticks that were inspired by various mainstream lipsticks from Nars and MAC.  These were only supposed to be Black Friday exclusive, but the demand was so great that they will be released again very temporarily.  Because the lipsticks were around $12 each, I only picked up two that I thought would really flatter me and got the rest as samples.  LE also released their Brow Pomade, which is a tinted wax for eyebrows.  I picked up the medium and dark brown because I wasn't sure which would look good on me.  Lastly, I picked up the lip theory in Enzyme because I had been eyeing it for awhile and didn't pick it up the first time around.

I've actually had my package for awhile now, but I didn't want to post it until I had lip swatches up.  The weather finally complied with me today, so here we are!

Pictures taken in daylight and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom half)

Enchant:  grass green with gold sheen.  This was my free sample and the quality was great!  The formula was silky and pigmented.

Medium Brown
Brow Pomade 'Medium Brown':  ashy brown.  I wore this out and it wore very well.  It looked natural on me and was long lasting.

Dark Brown
Brow Pomade 'Dark Brown':  dark ashy brown.  The formula was the same as Medium Brown.  I found both colors worked for me, although I do prefer something cooler toned.  I usually use a gray eyeshadow to fill in my brows, so I'm used to that.  The Brow Pomade is a great product though and I would definitely buy a full size pot if she releases more shades.

Enzyme:  light coral pink.  I put off buying this color before because I thought it'd be too light for my skin tone.  I was right.  It might not look as bad in the face photo but there's a lot more contrast in person.  I'll probably mix this with another Lip Theory to make it more wearable.

Cosmos Lipsticks

Label on the bottom of 15mm pans

Supernova:  dusty cool toned pink.  I actually got this as a sample because I thought it'd be too cool toned for me.  It turned out to be an amazing MLBB for me and I love it.  I'm definitely getting a full sized tube of this when it reopens.  Since it was in a tiny pan, I ended up using my fingers to apply, which is why it's so light.  I believe it'll be much more pigmented why applied straight from the tube.

Full sized tube

Label on bottom

Milky Way
Milky Way:  dusty rose.  This is another MLBB for me, albeit a bit darker.  I actually expected this to be a bit more brown, but it applies very pink for me.

Flux:  pigmented berry toned red.  I got this because I thought it'd be a gorgeous red, however it pulls VERY berry on me.  The color is closer to the lip swatch than the face swatch.  It's still an extremely gorgeous color, but I was hoping for a red red and I need to remember the berry tones every time I reach for it.

Plasma:  dark berry toned red.  This might look very different from other blogger's swatches because I applied it with my fingers.  I've seen other swatches where it's extremely dark, so just know that my swatches are more sheered out.  Initially, I thought it was very similar to Flux, but after applying both, I found that Plasma is darker and more purple/berry.  When applied with a finger, it's more of a magenta color as shown in my face picture.

Blackbody:  dark wine purple.  Again, this is a sheered out version since I applied it with my fingers.  I do find it easier to wear this way though and quite like it.  As others have pointed out, it is harder to build up and took a few passes with my fingers to even out as well.

Daylight:  Supernova, Milky Way, Flux, Plasma, Blackbody

Now that you've seen the colors, you're probably wondering about the formula.  The formula is GREAT.  It's creamy, comfortable, and moisturizing.  The pigmentation is full on with one swipe (though I'm unsure about Blackbody).  To top it all off, it smells like frosting!  The price is a little high for me because I'm used to drugstore prices, but it's well worth it.  These lipsticks feel amazing and deliver in pigmentation.  The only small quip I have with it is the lipstick cases.  They're very light and feel kind of cheap - I'd like to see a sturdier top when LE re-releases them or if they plan on releasing more lipsticks in the future.  I do love seeing lipstick bullets in indie stores though, and really wish more stores had them.

- Jolie ♥


  1. Ahh these colors are all so pretty. I hope she releases more brow colors. I think if she did some crazy colors she'd do well since there's not much in that market.

    1. I would definitely want to see more brow colors. I have black hair but my hair is so thin that my eyebrows usually look gray. I end up filling my brows in with gray shadow or gray liner because it looks the most natural for me. I'd like to see ashier brow pomades in the future since her formula is already great.

      I can see different colored brow colors being useful for people who dye their hair!

  2. Those look amazing on you! Now to save my pennies so I can try them too!

    1. Thank you so much! I think they'll be available until the end of January, so if you're still considering them, pick them up before they're gone! (Jane has hinted that she might re-release them along with a permanent lipstick collection in the future.)