Thursday, January 22, 2015

Geek Chic Cosmetics Black Friday 2014 Mini Haul - Swatches and Review

Welcome back, lovely readers!  I have a very small haul for you today.  It's my Black Friday order from Geek Chic cosmetics.  I only picked up two eyeshadows and two lip products, so this review/swatch post will be short and sweet.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom half)

The Dark Days
The Dark Days:  shimmery forest green with gold sheen.  Since I have a lot of Geek Chic shadows, there weren't a lot I had my eye on, but they did come out with two new collections since I last purchased.  This shadow is from one of them inspired by the Hunger Games trilogy.  As I've mentioned countless times before, I absolutely love greens and jewel tone shades, so it's no surprise that the only shadows I ordered were jewel tones.  This shade applied beautifully and very buttery over a sticky base and the gold sheen was obvious in person.

My Prince, My Starlord
My Prince, My Starlord:  beautiful burgundy with gold sparkles.  I love how obvious the gold sparkles are in the clamshell.  They stand out just as much applied onto the eyes.  This is another beautiful shade that applied well and I do recommend it.

The Last Cetra
The Last Cetra:  warm pink, cake scented.  I'm a huge huge fan of Geek Chic's Joysticks (lipsticks) because I have most of their reds and they're phenomenal.  I bought this one hoping it would be pigmented as well.  Unfortunately, it's pretty sheer, but it serves as an easy color I can just throw on my lips without needing a mirror.  I would consider this a tinted lip balm instead of a lipstick, but it's a good product in terms of moisturization.

Banished:  inky blue gloss with blue sheen.  This was my first gloss from them and I've been into more unconventional lip colors lately.  I'm still not brave enough to wear them outside, or even brave enough to try neon colors.  The formula for this gloss is pretty normal, non sticky and semi sheer.  Since it is so dark, it does seem extremely pigmented, but you can definitely see my lip color peek through.  This is very similar to Performance Colors' Zombie Bride lipstick, so I may layer this over that lipstick later.
Daylight:  The Dark Days, My Prince My Starlord, The Last Cetra, Banished

Short, wasn't it?  I'm hoping to do more lip swatches and face pictures in the future since they do seem to help a lot more.  Those do tend to take more time and effort though (plus the after effects of many lip swatches, ouch!).  I still have a whole bunch of orders to swatch and post, so I will be very busy for the next month!

- Jolie ♥

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