Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dark Matter Makeup Women of Science and Gravity Primer Swatches

Ohhhhh boy, is this review late.  Dark Matter Makeup released their version of the sticky base and primer combo awhile back and it's taken me this long to post because I did want to test it before reviewing.  Along with the primer release, their collection inspired by women of science also debuted, so I picked that up.  As usual, shipping was very quick after ordering so I received my package in less than a week.  

I also have to mention the inclusion of several sponge tip applicators with my order!  I was pretty impressed with that because it's been hard for me to get my brushes in the cute centrifuge vials and have expressed that several times, despite really liking the shadows.  I used the sponge tip applicators in my swatches and found them very useful, even though I used to always hate getting those in my drugstore palettes.  

Proof that Dom reads reviews!  USPS has been notorious for taking a long route to NYC, but they got to me quickly this time.  (Psst Dom, maybe they heard you ;) )

Pictures taken in daylight and swatched over Dark Matter Gravity (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Gravity primer
Gravity:  white toned, slightly tacky primer.  I've used this several times and had varying results.  If you put a light layer on, glitters don't adhere too well, so it's almost no different from using a regular primer.  However, if you put on a thicker layer, it tends to crease if you don't wait for it to set.  I made the mistake of putting a semi-thick layer on my lids, applying shadow almost immediately, and seeing creases within an hour.  I suggest waiting at least 15 seconds for this primer to set before applying eyeshadow so it can dry down a bit.

Emmy:  shimmery rose gold

Annie:  shimmery purple.  I found this shade applied slightly patchy over regular primer, so I would advise using it over a sticky base.

Ellen:  shimmery antique gold

Kalpana:  shimmery maroon.  This one also went patchy over regular primer, so I do advise using it over a sticky base if this were the featured shade in your look.  However, I think it'd do really well in the outer corner to deepen a look.

Henrietta:  gray base with violet sheen and blue shimmers

Valentina:  pretty purple with strong blue sheen

Emmy, Annie, Ellen, Kalpana, Henrietta, Valentina

Mae:  purple with blue shimmers

Marie:  matte azure with silver shimmers.  This one needs a sticky base for full opacity, but definitely packs a punch.

Margaret:  shimmery blackened teal.  Very beautiful shade over a sticky base.

Chiaki:  shimmery blackened green.  Like Margaret, it needs a sticky base as well, but looks amazing over one.

PI.E:  sparkly magenta with pink sparkles.  I believe this was released as March's Color of the Month, as well as to celebrate Pi Day.  You can see in the swatch that it would need a sticky base as well.

See You, Space Cowboy
See You, Space Cowboy:  dark blurple base with purple sparkles.  This is another that would need a sticky base to shine.

Mae, Marie, Margaret, Chiaki, PI. E, See You Space Cowboy
Overall, I think most of these shades are very beautiful, but do need a sticky base for maximum opacity.  I appreciate how different the two blackened shades look because I have a lot of blacks in my collection but they only differ in shimmers and tend to look the same over regular primer.  Gravity was also a good primer, but only used in moderation, so don't slather it onto your eyelids like I did.  I reviewed this collection so late that Dark Matter actually released another collection during my wait!  If you're a fan of Sailor Moon, it would be for you.  I do have that collection as well, so stay tuned for swatches soon.  (I'll try not to take too long this time.)

- Jolie ♥


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