Thursday, April 30, 2015

1Up Box PHANTOM October 2014 Review!

Surprise!  This is a bit different from my usual stuff, isn't it?  I recently subscribed to two geek/nerd themed subscription boxes and want to show them off here as well :D  I know this blog is primarily beauty related, but I am a big fan of geeky things and want to show them off here from time to time.  I try to keep my personal life off of here, but this is a great opportunity to geek out a little bit at least.  I've actually been interested in another box called Loot Crate for awhile, but held off subscribing because of limited funds.  What actually made me bite the bullet was watching one of Yoyomax12's videos on Youtube and she was doing a 1Up Box unboxing and I thought the things were super cute!

I decided to go on their website to check out the price and past boxes.  I found myself really liking the stuff they had in the past and liked the fact that there's an exclusive t-shirt designed by their own team in each box.  I ended up subscribing to 1Up box for $18.92/month which includes shipping.  My fiance also ended up gifting me a three month subscription to Loot Crate which came out to $18.25/month.  I intended to compare the two boxes in one post later on much like beauty bloggers comparing similar beauty subscription boxes (think Ipsy vs. Birchbox).

Anyway, immediately after subscribing, I emailed the team telling them how much I loved the Mario Boo plush that came in a past box and asked if they had extras they could sell.  Their representative responded within the hour saying they'll check to see if they had any overstock boxes left.  They responded yet again within the hour saying there was a box with my t-shirt size that they could invoice me for and I said yes.  I paid and the transaction was smooth.  I was very impressed with their customer service and how they went out of their way to try to find a box with my size shirt instead of just sending me any random box.  I would have bought the box either way, but I appreciated the extra effort to ensure my happiness.

I realize this is an extremely long ramble, but I just wanted to show how great my first experience has been!  This post will showcase what I received in that past box (it was the October one) and subsequent ones after this will be a Loot Crate vs 1Up Box.

Boo Poster:  I absolutely love this poster!  Like I said before, I love Boo and this poster really showcased all his cute sides ^_^  Now that I've taken pictures of it, I can hang it up on my wall.  Woot!

Phantom Pin:  The theme for the October box was Phantom and each box comes with a tiny pin.  If you can't see clearly, it's Thor throwing his hammer at us from the top of the Nightmare Before Christmas cliff :)

Zombie Outbreak Backpack:  I'm not a fan of these backpacks and zombies are a meh genre for me.  I'll most likely be giving this away to my friend or coworker's son.

Zombie Avengers Shirt:  This may be blasphemous, but I'm also not a huge fan of the Avengers so this shirt design was just okay for me.  It does glow in the dark though, which I thought was a cool feature.  I used to not like wearing t-shirts for the longest time, but now I like getting them in my boxes for the cute/cool designs.

Boo Plush:  Boo plush!!!  I love this little guy so much ^_^  His mouth actually opens and I've stuck my earrings in him several times when I was too lazy to put them on my desk.  I don't know where to put him since I already have a Boo pillow on my bed already.  I also don't want him to get dirty like the others either.  I really love his little flappy arms though :)

Zombie Finn Magnet:  Woo, zombie Finn from Adventure Time.  For anyone who watches the show, you may recognize the text as a parody of his song "Puncha Yo Buns".  My college roommate loved this song and thought it was adorable.  I also like the tiny Jake heart inside him; what a cute cameo!  I enjoy getting refrigerator magnets as opposed to stickers because magnets actually serve a purpose.  I use them to stick takeout menus on the fridge lol.

Pop Rocks Xtreme:  I've never tried this as a kid, but I did like Pop Rocks regular.  I'll be enjoying these very soon.

Overall, I really loved the October 2014 1Up box!  Since I have first hand experience of their customer service, I can safely say they're really great in that department as well.  1Up Box is still relatively new and started out as the most inexpensive box so their items may be smaller or less than the bigger ones.  Regardless, I still love the stuff they put in and even if I don't, I'm more than happy to give them to my coworker's kid who would appreciate things more.  Stay tuned for more boxes!

- Jolie ♥

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