Thursday, October 19, 2017

Notoriously Morbid September 2017 Vanishing Cabinet - Murdering Maven Swatches

Welcome back, everyone!  I have swatches of Notoriously Morbid's September Vanishing Cabinet. It was inspired by the board game and movie, Clue.  It was a special because NM made the VC into a bit of a murder mystery.  Some promoters (Mavens) were made into "game pieces" and one game piece was included in each VC and the customers could try to see which Maven committed the crime (spoiler: it was me).  I had the honor of becoming Mr. Green and loved creating a green themed look.  The VC included five mini eyeshadows and one mini blush.  NM's current TAT is 14 business days, but the VC ships on a different schedule.

I got Andrea as Miss Scarlet as my game piece!

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Accident Prone
Accident Prone:  grass green with gold sparkles and red and green shimmers

Determined to Enjoy Myself
Determined to Enjoy Myself:  ocean blue with red and blue sparkles

Casualties are Inevitable
Casualties are Inevitable:  orange with pink sparkles and red and gold shimmers

Guess Who's Gonna Get it?
Guess Who's Gonna Get it?:  pink red with gold sparkles and red and gold shimmers

It's You and Me Honeybunch
It's You and Me Honeybunch:  matte merlot

Flames...On the Side of my Face
Flames...On the Side of my Face:  light pink blush with silver sparkles and green and red shimmers; swatched heavily over bare skin

Accident Prone, Determined to Enjoy Myself, Casualties are Inevitable, Guess Who's Gonna Get it?, It's You and Me Honeybunch, Flames...On the Side of my Face

For those of you who didn't get my game piece, here are the pictures I submitted for Mr. Green :D

Overall, this VC had some very fun colors and I look forward to playing with them!  I hope you guys had fun playing Murdering Maven with all of us and can't wait for the next whodunit!

- Jolie ♥