Thursday, October 19, 2017

1UP JOURNEY vs Super Geek SHOWTIME vs Loot Anime SURVIVE! September 2017

Woohoo, I'm finally caught up on subscription boxes!  Once again, Super Geek box came out really strong and I loved almost all the items and 1UP disappointed me.  I've unsubscribed to 1UP box for now because I didn't like the theme for October and depending on the theme for November, I may re-sub.

1UP Journey

TMNT, Pokemon, Wonder Woman shirt

TMNT Dorbz figure

Finding Dory charm bracelet

Wonder Woman sticker

Cute Pokemon patch

Journey poser

Journey pin

Super Geek Showtime

Family Guy and Snoopy crossover shirt (love this)

Princess Bubblegum plush

Batman fidget spinner (interesting)

Spongebob post it (love it)

Simpsons Hand Sanitizier (love this)

Showtime pin

Loot Anime Survive!

Deadman Wonderland shirt

Sasuke figure (giving it away)

Creepy Ryuk socks

Black Clover manga

Survive! phone charm

Survive! poster

Survival kit box design

- Jolie ♥

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