Thursday, March 3, 2016

AFK Cosmetics 8 Bit Love Collection Swatches!

I have swatches of AFK Cosmetics' 8 Bit Love collection today!  It was a small Valentine's collection inspired by the owner's favorite video game couples.  Even though I didn't play games growing up, all the couples she chose were very recognizable.  I, for one, am happy she chose Cloud and Aerith over Cloud and Tifa :P  This collection included five eyeshadows and one blush.  There was also a Deadpool inspired tinted lip balm that was available for purchase.  Being a huge fan of AFK's lip balms, I obviously bought one.

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Another Castle
Another Castle:  beautiful pale pink with gold sheen.  This was inspired by Mario and Peach, although I never thought Peach was deserving of Mario.  She got captured way too often to be believable!

Waltz for the Moon
Waltz for the Moon:  silvery lavender with silver sparkles.  This was inspired by Squall and Rinoa of the Final Fantasy series.

Evils of Truth and Love
Evils of Truth and Love:  warm pink with slight purple sheen.  This was inspired by Jessie and James from Pokemon's Team Rocket.  Since I'm a huge fan of the franchise, this was an automatic hit for me!

Waka Waka Means I Love You
Waka Waka Means I Love You:  tarnished gold with gold sparkles.  This was inspired by Mr. and Mrs. Pac Man.

Collector of Hearts
Collector of Hearts:  bronze with gold and green sparkles.  This was inspired by Link and Zelda.  I've been meaning to try out one of the Legend of Zelda games, but I'm trying to finish my Pokemon ones first.

The Words She Left Behind
The Words She Left Behind:  satin light pink blush with silver sheen; swatched over bare skin.  This was inspired by Cloud and Aerith from the Final Fantasy series.

My Lips but Deadpooler
My Lips but Deadpooler:  brick red balm.  I said I love AFK's balm formula and this is no exception!  It's rich, pigmented, moisturizing, and extremely comfortable.

Another Castle, Waltz for the Moon, Evils of Truth and Love, Waka Waka Means I Love You, Collector of Hearts, The Words She Left Behind, My Lips but Deadpooler

- Jolie ♥


  1. My goodness. This collection is extremely adorable. And the name 'My Lips but Deadpooler'... dead. That's absolutely genius.

    1. I've used several of the shadows this month and love the formula! Almost everything AFK makes appeals to me, both in name and formula :)